Prince George's County Executive

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Watching issues created after: 2010-04-22

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  • 6400 Coleton Court Capitol Heights, Maryland - Walker Mill
    Please shovel near basement door, front porch, and driveway
    Please email
  • Brinkley Rd & Temple Hill Rd Temple Hills, MD, 20748, USA - Camp Springs
    This light is a constant problem, in the morning and in the evening rush, the light will skip an entire function so that you move so slowly. It changes and is a normal light roll occasionally. The traffic backs up way onto Temple Hills Road in the evening and in the mornings it will back up all the way to Crossland HS. It might help if there was a right turn leeway when heading up to the HS. This light needs to be readjusted by time of day if necessary. Lot's of people use this road and when the lights back you up, people end up going through the neighborhoods or attempting to butt into traffic by acting like they are making a left hand turn. Anyone else go this way?
  • Charles Open
    509 Round Table Dr. Ft. Washington, MD - Fort Washington

    Needs assistance shoveling front walk


  • Other Open
    5031–5033 37th Pl Hyattsville MD 20782, United States - Ward 5
    Need to Remove crosswalk sign this is not a crosswalk area
  • 5909 Benford Lane Clinton, Maryland - Clinton
    Caller is a disable senior is in need of assistance with driveway and sidewalk. Caller is not able to answer her door, does not want to give her name.
  • 9877 Good Luck Road Apt. #4, Lanham, MD - Lanham-Seabrook

    Mr. William Stiller 301-794-6489
    Would like help!


  • 6113 39th Pl Hyattsville 20782, United States - Ward 3
    Washington Gas needs to finish the patch in Rodeway and fill in the holes they drilled in the street about 15 of them
  • 5087 Temple Hill Road Temple Hills, Maryland - Temple Hills
    There is a light bulb that has been out at the stop light for a few weeks now
  • 3312 Rosemary Ln Hyattsville 20782, United States - Ward 3
    Washington Gas needs to finish Road patch
  • 5828 Jamestown Rd Hyattsville 20782, United States - Ward 4
    About a week ago a company open a hole to fix a issue and then they patch the hole and start sinking right on front of 5828 JAMESTOWN road they finish leaving a pot hole on the street can you please send someone to take care this issue thanks
  • 5909 Bedford Lane Clinton, Maryland - Clinton
    Caller is disable needs driveway cleared, is not able to answer door. does not want to provide her name.
  • Pothole Open
    1107-1111 Eastern Avenue Northeast Capitol Heights, MD 20743, USA - US Congressional District DC98