Prince George's County Executive

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Watching issues created after: 2010-04-22

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  • 6100 Editors Park Dr Hyattsville MD 20782, United States - Ward 4
    Graffiti on wall
  • 5709 Hiland Avenue Lanham-Seabrook, MD 20706, USA - Glenn Dale
    excess dumping of tires, traffic signs, bikes, tv's, etc. need to be removed to allow wildlife safe sanctity. in addition, the beaver continue to dam up the water tunnels thereby preventing a steady water flow between both sides of the waterway. lastly, the community is looking for help in beautifying this protected sanctity so county residents can watch, enjoy, & appreciate the vast array of wildlife that visit our area.
  • Greenbelt Rd And Mandan Rd Greenbelt, MD - Greenbelt
    This light has a camera; I don't know if this problem is used to increase the number of people running the light or not. The traffic light turns red for Greenbelt Rd when no cars are on Mandan Rd; it's like there isn't a sensor for cars on Mandan Rd, it just works using a timer. The length of time the light is green for Greenbelt Rd is much shorter than for Mandan Rd. This has been a problem for almost a year.
  • 6100 Editors Park Dr Hyattsville MD 20782, United States - Ward 4
    Trash dumped everywhere
  • East-West Hwy & Toledo Ter Hyattsville, MD, 20782, USA - Ward 3
    Crosswalk sign needed at Southernmost point of intersection at Toledo Terrace and East-West Highway. Pedestrians crossing Toledo Terrace from the Eastbound side of East West Highway have to rely on traffic lights to cross.
  • 27 Akin Ave Capitol Heights, MD - Capitol Heights
    Poison ivy, growing on a tree belonging to the adjacent private property owner, is reaching out and growing onto the sidewalk and impeding safe pedestrian travel. Please remove this poisonous brush. Thank you.
  • 6339-6399 Belcrest Rd Hyattsville, MD, 20782, USA - Ward 3
    Drivers do not yield for pedestrians and often drive very fast. Request for better signs or a speed bump at the crosswalks near metro and on Belcrest Road.
  • 6011 Emerson St. Bladensburg, MD - Bladensburg
    Parkway Condominiums doesn't have recycling dumpsters - why?
  • 6100–6110 41st Ave Hyattsville 20782, United States - Ward 3
    Cars use the area from corner of 40th and Oliver all the way down to Queens Chapel as a dragstrip. They routinely go upwards of 50 or 55 miles an hour. It is irresponsible of the city to have so long a stretch with just one stop sign and no speed bumps. There’s a huge flow of cars that goes straight from the liquor corner store, turns and then flies down this road. There are no less than 25 children that live in a two block radius. Please do not tell me to go house to house during this time to ask for a speed bump. This happens at least three or four times a day and a car has never been pulled over. A child is going to get hit by a car.
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    5619 Jamestown Rd Hyattsville 20782, United States - Ward 5
    Is there any possible way to get speed bumps on Jamestown RD towards 31st? The street is already a one-way street, but sometimes people can’t seem to follow the rules. The speed limit in a neighborhood is a max of 25, but cars drive by with a higher speed. It’s very disturbing when children are outside playing, as well as when our cars have been hit. This isn’t the first time this has happened. Hope to hear from you.
  • 6215 Herald Street Hyattsville, MD, 20782, USA - Ward 3
    Cross streets Sentinel Drive and Herald Street. 12:09pm on 5/8/2020, The Edition Apartment complex, once again leaving trash bins on Sentinel Drive, blocking fire access lanes, under a clearly marked "No Parking" sign.
  • Nicholson St Hyattsville 20782, United States - Ward 2
    Please put a traffic signal here already, for the love of god.