Prince George's County Executive

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Watching issues created after: 2010-04-22

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  • 6200–6204 41st Ave Hyattsville 20782, United States - Ward 3
  • 7180-7198 Adelphi Road University Park, MD 20782, USA - University Park
    This intersection must be put at a top priority for repair as seen in the attached video. It is extremely dangerous for any pedestrian or cyclist as they blindly enter the neighborhood. Bus stops are located further from the barely indicated crosswalk causing pedestrians to then cross in the median. Motorists on Adelphi frequently blow through the red light and turning into UH here is also a hazard. This video was taken in an early afternoon when there were not as many cars out and about.
  • 4002 Jefferson St Hyattsville, MD, 20781, USA - Ward 2
    There have been two accidents on the 4000 block of Jefferson Street in the last two weeks, my neighbor was rear ended pulling in her driveway at 4008 with her children in the car, and a truck nearly hit my house after destroying the telephone pole, destroying part of my neighbors retaining wall, and diving on to my yard (destroying a Crape Myrtle). People are constantly speeding between 40th and the speed hump at the top of the block. We need another speed hump installed on the 4000 block of Jefferson Street before someone is killed or a home is destroyed.
  • 5328 46th Ave Hyattsville MD 20781, United States - Ward 1
    This graffiti appeared on the pool house wall at the Arts District Hyattsville HOA pool along the Rhode Island Ave Trolley Trail
  • 5813 Maryhurst Dr Hyattsville 20782, United States - Ward 4

    My neighbor's tree is dead and a large branch from it fell on my shed. Can the city force them to cut the tree down so it won't continue to cause damage, as my other neighbor said that this is the second time this has happened.

    Thank you!

  • 3401 East West Highway Hyattsville, MD, 20782, USA - Ward 3
    This garage is located in a residential district and lacks appropriate sound proofing to motivate the noise coming from the garage. You can hear people screaming, loud exhausts and various other sounds 24/7. Please request that the apartment building restructure the garage to decrease the noise.
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    5889–5899 Queens Chapel Rd Hyattsville 20782, United States - Ward 2
    Every evening, ice cream truck blaring Christmas music five hours straight. Could they take a break?
    I don’t know where it’s parked, sounds like somewhere on Nicholson between QC and 40th?
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    Heurich Dog Park 6001 Ager Rd, Hyattsville, MD 20782, USA - Ward 4
    Since Huerich Park is open and it's getting warmer, would it be possible to turn on the dog water fountainis?
  • 601–607 63rd Pl Seat Pleasant 20743, United States - Seat Pleasant
  • 3609 Farragut St Hyattsville, MD 20782, USA - Ward 5
    probably for M-NCPPC. tail bridge west of 38th clogged with debris. maybe put a warning sign in the trail near 38th suggesting a detour to the other side of the river
  • 5201 42nd Pl Hyattsville MD 20781, United States - Ward 1
    Major water spill from a hole in the road. Basement school flooded as well as our basement, not sure where the water is coming from. Seems to come from underground.
  • 5403 37th Ave Hyattsville, MD 20782, USA - Ward 2
    There is a large rectangular pothole left from street work a few months ago.