Prince George's County Executive

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Watching issues created after: 2010-04-22

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  • 5033 36th Pl Hyattsville, MD 20782, USA - Ward 5
    fallen tree limb on tree 469
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    Ager Rd Hyattsville MD 20782, United States - Ward 5
    The yellow clothing recycling bins by West Hyattsville Metro need to be emptied. There are clothes all over the ground in front of the bins. It looks trashy and it’s has been like this for a while now.
  • 5033 36th Pl Hyattsville, MD 20782, USA - Ward 5
    tree 469 dropped another limb last night
  • 5701 38th Avenue Hyattsville, MD, 20782, USA - Ward 2
    Good Morning, It was just posted that leaf collection is temporarily suspended. We placed leaves on the sidewalk over the weekend expecting a pick up this past Monday. Is the suspension after this last pickup?
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    Hyattsville Md 20782 United States - Ward 3
    Hornets nest inside playground railing at Super Hero park
    Located at far corner nearest open field
  • 4005 Madison St Hyattsville, MD, 20781, USA - Ward 2
    Clogged storm drain causes flooding during heavy rains.
  • 3123 Nicholson Street Hyattsville, MD, 20782, USA - Ward 4
    Area created to block off left turns from Maryhurst floods every time in rains and leaves standing water for days. It doesn’t seem to have been planned or built correctly. The drains are higher than the ground so the water doesn’t drain out.
  • 5201 42nd Pl Hyattsville MD 20781, United States - Ward 1
    Major water spill from a hole in the road. Basement school flooded as well as our basement, not sure where the water is coming from. Seems to come from underground.
  • 6101 42nd Pl Hyattsville, MD 20781, USA - Ward 1
    Limbs from the tree are pulling down on some cables or power line its only a matter of time or storm that will cause damage.
  • 3100-3122 Nicholson St Hyattsville, MD, 20782, USA - Ward 4
    There should be a speed study on Nicholson St beside Edward Felegy and consideration of a speed bump or table to slow cars. Drivers fly by this area despite the big hill that makes it impossible to see if there are kids on the other side crossing the street. When school is in session, it is very dangerous. It is also dangerous outside of school hours because lots of children and families play near here and cross the street at Felegy. It also is dangerous for cars backing out of driveways on this street because people fly over the hill.
  • 6201 41st Ave Hyattsville, MD 20782, USA - Ward 3
    I smell natural gas everyone every time I walk past this house (at least 15x in the past two months)
  • 3609 Farragut St Hyattsville, MD 20782, USA - Ward 5
    probably for M-NCPPC. tail bridge west of 38th clogged with debris. maybe put a warning sign in the trail near 38th suggesting a detour to the other side of the river