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  • Glenn Dale Rd & Daisy Lane Glenn Dale, Maryland - Glenn Dale
    The pot hole appears to have been fixed recently but it sunk very low again causing cars to have to sway around it to prevent tire and front end damage. My son has a car that is low to the ground and this can cause damage to his front end.
  • Brinkley Rd & Temple Hill Rd Temple Hills, MD, 20748, USA - Camp Springs
    This light is a constant problem, in the morning and in the evening rush, the light will skip an entire function so that you move so slowly. It changes and is a normal light roll occasionally. The traffic backs up way onto Temple Hills Road in the evening and in the mornings it will back up all the way to Crossland HS. It might help if there was a right turn leeway when heading up to the HS. This light needs to be readjusted by time of day if necessary. Lot's of people use this road and when the lights back you up, people end up going through the neighborhoods or attempting to butt into traffic by acting like they are making a left hand turn. Anyone else go this way?
  • 9304 Starmist Ct Lanham-Seabrook, MD 20706, USA - Goddard
    Recycled not pick up
  • 1300 Woodlark Dr Forestville, Maryland - Forestville
  • Forest Rose Court District Heights, Maryland - Suitland-Silver Hill
    Snow needs removal from driveway, around 2 cars, steps and landing to front door.
  • 6113 39th Pl Hyattsville 20782, United States - Ward 3
    Washington Gas needs to finish the patch in Rodeway and fill in the holes they drilled in the street about 15 of them
  • Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge Fort Washington, Maryland - Fort Washington
    Can someone describe what is going on on the Virginia side of the bridge? Every single morning, whether I leave late or early, the beltway is backed up to or near Branch Avenue. I hear about it on traffic reports but no indication of what is going on. It seems to just be getting worse since about December..? I take the 295 exit so I don't know what is happening but it's frustrating to have no information if it is contruction back ups or just how it's going to be from now on.
  • Eastern Av & Olive St 2, Bladensburg, MD 20743, USA - US Congressional District DC98
  • 3312 Rosemary Ln Hyattsville 20782, United States - Ward 3
    Washington Gas needs to finish Road patch
  • I-295/I-495 Washington, District of Columbia - US Congressional District MD4
    In EVERY M-F afternoon rush hour, what should be a fluid merge from I-295 onto the Wilson Bridge westbound, is made very unsafe and gridlocked. All of it is caused by the classic Washington area bad driving behavior of "cutting in line", rather than merging appropriately further back. Accidents are caused daily when imbeciles block the fast-moving traffic lane going to Maryland while waiting for their chance to cut in, and by causing accidents in the VA lane heading for the bridge as they "dive in".
    This cries out for an eminently doable and inexpensive solution that already exists.
    The bridge lane simply needs to be cordoned off from the MD lanes using the same PERMANENT plastic stantions as are used to cordon off the new express lanes elsewhere on the beltway. These should be put in place perhaps a half-mile before the VA lane and the MD lanes diverge.
    This will stop the "cutting in" of both the last minute "diving" variety, as well as the very dangerous blocking of the fast-moving MD lanes variety. In turn, this will allow of a smooth, unimpeded flow in ALL the lanes, which should absolutely be the case after all the new interchange design was put in place along with the bridge.
  • 295 North (From Rt 50 To Bwi) Prince George's County, MD - Andrews AFB
    I used to commute via BW parkway daily. In the evenings and more surprisingly on the weekends BW parkway is a virtual parking lot from the DC line it's stop and go, up through Greenbelt where you just stop. Eventually it becomes stop and go again until the far laurel exits and toward Arundel Mills. The thing that gets me is despite all the traffic on the DC end, there's roadwork and expansion work as you enter Baltimore. i don't want to claim regional bias, but I just don't get it. The DC area has more populace than Blatimore and more economic activity. yet, when i go to Baltimore i see more work being done on I-95, more interchange construction and more. the transporation investment is surely not equal.
  • 5828 Jamestown Rd Hyattsville 20782, United States - Ward 4
    About a week ago a company open a hole to fix a issue and then they patch the hole and start sinking right on front of 5828 JAMESTOWN road they finish leaving a pot hole on the street can you please send someone to take care this issue thanks