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  • 6210 Belcrest Rd Hyattsville 20782, United States - Ward 3
    Hole where bricks are missing creates a tripping hazard. Some missing bricks may be in drain nearby.
  • 5909 Bedford Lane Clinton, Maryland - Clinton
    Caller is disable needs driveway cleared, is not able to answer door. does not want to provide her name.
  • Pothole Open
    1107-1111 Eastern Avenue Northeast Capitol Heights, MD 20743, USA - US Congressional District DC98
  • 13312 Katrinka Drive Bowie, Maryland - Glenn Dale
    Driveway, front steps, and balcony need snow removed for 61 year old woman.
  • 12317 Lanham Severn Rd. Bowie, MD - Glenn Dale

    Driveway/Will need snow plow

    reach me at

  • Hil Mar Drive District Heights, MD - Suitland-Silver Hill
    Speed bumps are needed on Hil Mar drive. The cars speed going 70MPH plus.
  • 400 Rollins Avenue Capitol Heights, MD - Walker Mill
  • Exit Ramp To Westbound Woodyard Rd off of SB Route 5, Clinton, MD - Clinton
    Motorists wishing to get into left turn lane for Woody Terrace are STOPPING at the bottom of the exit ramp (while waiting to dash across 3 lanes of traffic) to enter the left turn lane for Woody Terrace. These stopped cars are blocking traffic behind them and are causing frustrated drivers to try and squeeze past them. I have also witnessed several rear end collisions when unwary drivers from SB Route 5 come up fast behind these stopped cars and are unable to brake in time. Commuters heading home and weekend shoppers are most affected. Plastic pole barriers need to be installed to prevent drivers from accessing the Woody Terrace left turn. Please note that this situation RARELY occurred prior to the installation of the Woody Terrace turn lane/traffic signal and the Walgreens/TD Bank plaza was opened for business.
  • 7700 Hubble Dr Lanham, MD - Glenn Dale
    many street lights are out on Hubble dr and Aerospace rd.
  • 9701 Good Luck Rd lanham, MD - Lanham-Seabrook
  • I-295/I-495 Washington, District of Columbia - US Congressional District MD4
    In EVERY M-F afternoon rush hour, what should be a fluid merge from I-295 onto the Wilson Bridge westbound, is made very unsafe and gridlocked. All of it is caused by the classic Washington area bad driving behavior of "cutting in line", rather than merging appropriately further back. Accidents are caused daily when imbeciles block the fast-moving traffic lane going to Maryland while waiting for their chance to cut in, and by causing accidents in the VA lane heading for the bridge as they "dive in".
    This cries out for an eminently doable and inexpensive solution that already exists.
    The bridge lane simply needs to be cordoned off from the MD lanes using the same PERMANENT plastic stantions as are used to cordon off the new express lanes elsewhere on the beltway. These should be put in place perhaps a half-mile before the VA lane and the MD lanes diverge.
    This will stop the "cutting in" of both the last minute "diving" variety, as well as the very dangerous blocking of the fast-moving MD lanes variety. In turn, this will allow of a smooth, unimpeded flow in ALL the lanes, which should absolutely be the case after all the new interchange design was put in place along with the bridge.
  • 295 North (From Rt 50 To Bwi) Prince George's County, MD - Andrews AFB
    I used to commute via BW parkway daily. In the evenings and more surprisingly on the weekends BW parkway is a virtual parking lot from the DC line it's stop and go, up through Greenbelt where you just stop. Eventually it becomes stop and go again until the far laurel exits and toward Arundel Mills. The thing that gets me is despite all the traffic on the DC end, there's roadwork and expansion work as you enter Baltimore. i don't want to claim regional bias, but I just don't get it. The DC area has more populace than Blatimore and more economic activity. yet, when i go to Baltimore i see more work being done on I-95, more interchange construction and more. the transporation investment is surely not equal.