Prince George's County Executive

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Watching issues created after: 2010-04-22

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  • 7201 Claymore Avenue Hyattsville, MD 20782, USA - Ward 3
    Several potholes on Claymore and Rosemary
  • 3425 Newton Street Mount Rainier, Maryland - Mount Rainier
    There are many uneven and dangerous sidewalks along Newton Street. This is especially dangerous at night as I unfortunately discovered while falling to the ground and spraining my ankle while walking home tonight. Please fix!
  • 2018 Peabody Street Hyattsville, Maryland - Chillum
    Heart patient needs walkway,steps, and porch sheveled
  • 3406 Rosemary Ln Hyattsville, MD 20782, USA - Ward 3
    Even the busses that hit these look like they will tip over!
  • 6040 Baltimore Avenue Hyattsville, MD, 20781, USA - Ward 1
    The sidewalk near the entrance to Shagga (a few feet north of the City of Hyattsville sign on Baltimore Ave) is hollowed out underneath, and starting to break apart and collapse.
  • 6022 44th Ave Hyattsville, MD, 20781, USA - Ward 1
    The brush in the alley (Oliver St) located next to 6100 44th Avenue, on the Hyattsville side, has been trimmed, but the overgrown bushes that have become like trees are up against our fence and extend over our fence into our yard. Please cut them all the way back, level with the fence so nothing hangs over. Thank you!
  • 5033 36th Pl Hyattsville, MD 20782, USA - Ward 5
    fallen tree limb on tree 469
  • 3926 Madison St Hyattsville 20781 United States - Ward 2
    Dead dogwood in curbside strip needs to be removed.
  • 5033 36th Pl Hyattsville, MD 20782, USA - Ward 5
    tree 469 dropped another limb last night
  • 4910 40th Place Hyattsville, MD, 20781, USA - Ward 1
    Lethargic, sluggish, staggering raccoon (suspect rabies) spotted. Looks like a juvenile racoon, and while it did not attack, it was staggering around. Please be careful. Already reported to Animal Control but posting here so others get the notification.
  • 4312 Farragut Street Hyattsville, MD, 20781, USA - Ward 1
    Hello, I want to know if commercial vehicles are allowed to park in a residential area overnight and over the weekend? Sometimes there are two large trucks.
  • Other Acknowledged
    Ager Rd Hyattsville MD 20782, United States - Ward 5
    The yellow clothing recycling bins by West Hyattsville Metro need to be emptied. There are clothes all over the ground in front of the bins. It looks trashy and it’s has been like this for a while now.