Prince George's County Executive

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Nhận Thông báo Về

  • 7852-7856 Walker Drive Greenbelt, Maryland - Greenbelt
    Water is coming out of the hydrant installed at the Right-of-way just before the parking garage
  • Oxon Hill-Glassmanor MD, USA - Oxon Hill-Glassmanor

    Need snow remove from car and parking space


  • Coventry Way & Rt 5 Intersection Clinton, Maryland - Clinton

    At the intersection of Coventry Way and Rt 5. There are multiple deep potholes and ruts where pavement is missing. This is a problem thru out the entire intersection exchange under the overpass. The lines on the road have worn away. The combination of these 2 factors alone, are making it very dangerous to travel thru this intersection. It is due for new pavement.

    Also, at this same intersection the light cycling after 10pm needs to be adjusted. Those ppl exiting off the hwy trying to go under the overpass left or right have to wait about 7 mins for the light to turn green, as the lights going thru Coventry way cycle thru 4 or 5 cycling before actually turning red.

    Please look into those things. Thanks

  • 4902 Stan Haven Road Temple Hills, MD 20748, USA - Camp Springs

    Shovel path and driveway for 82 year old man living alone


  • 4703 Woodcrest Court Suitland , Maryland - Camp Springs
    Elderly citizen needs help with snow removal. Blessings
  • 12131 Stanfield Ct Bowie, Md - Glenn Dale
    Please shovel my driveway,my front door and walkwsy
  • 2517 Buck Lodge Terrace PRINCE GEORGES, MARYLAND - Adelphi
  • 3421 Rutgers St Hyattsville MD 20783, United States - Ward 3
    Needs to be 50 foot on both sides of hole and curb to curb this is a Moratorium road
  • Seat Pleasant Drive Seat Pleasant, Maryland - Carmody Hills-Pepper Mill Village
    I would like to bring to the City's attention the number of signs posted along Seat Pleasant Drive. These signs display "Get Top $$$ 4 Your House Seller Pays No Fees 301-327-2153." The number of signs posted along Seat Pleasant Drive brings down the quality of the neighborhood and should be immediately removed by the business owner. If rebuilding Seat Pleasant is the plan and/or goal of the City, this type of advertisement should not be allowed to bring down the community, which this does. There should be a restriction on how these types of investors attempt to take over a neighborhood for profit. If any improvements are to take place, which most residents welcome, this is not the way in which it should be done. Remove the signs or have the investor who posted on almost every pole, take them down. Thank you!
  • 1109 Carrington Ave Capitol Heights, MD 20743, USA - US Congressional District MD4
    Loitering and drinking with Virginia tags
  • 5001 Rodgers Drive Clinton, MD - Clinton

    My elderly mother needs her driveway cleared please.


  • 2900 Upland Avenue District heights, MD - US Congressional District MD4
    WUSA9: Viewer Kenneth Rudolph 301-420-2604 would like assistance with snow shoveling.
    Erin 202-895-5556