Prince George's County Executive

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Quan sát các vấn đề được tạo sau: 2010-04-22

Nhận Thông báo Về

  • 6211 Herald St Hyattsville, MD, 20782, USA - Ward 3
    Black Jeep Wrangler parked illegally on a clearly marked “No Parking Access Lane.”
  • 5813 Maryhurst Dr Hyattsville 20782, United States - Ward 4

    My neighbor's tree is dead and a large branch from it fell on my shed. Can the city force them to cut the tree down so it won't continue to cause damage, as my other neighbor said that this is the second time this has happened.

    Thank you!

  • 5601 36th Pl Hyattsville, MD 20782, USA - Ward 2
    Would it be possible to improve the drainage at the corner of 36th PL and Jefferson?
  • 609 62nd Street Capitol Heights, MD - Seat Pleasant
    Resident called to complain of unkept area. high grass, erected fences, etc . Complained no one from NCC rides around to look at the area, if so, it would look like that. issue area is 62nd street and 62nd avenue( surrounding areas)
  • 3947-3999 38th Ave Brentwood, MD 20722, USA - Brentwood
    There are no lines painted on 38th Street as you approach Rhode Island from the south. There are apparently two lanes here (a left turn lane and a straight/right turn lane). However, it is not at all clear since there are no lane lines painted.
  • 7180-7198 Adelphi Road University Park, MD 20782, USA - University Park
    This intersection must be put at a top priority for repair as seen in the attached video. It is extremely dangerous for any pedestrian or cyclist as they blindly enter the neighborhood. Bus stops are located further from the barely indicated crosswalk causing pedestrians to then cross in the median. Motorists on Adelphi frequently blow through the red light and turning into UH here is also a hazard. This video was taken in an early afternoon when there were not as many cars out and about.
  • 15 Saint Barnabas Road Fort Washington, Maryland - Temple Hills
    This is my second attempt in reporting this road repair. Coming off the ramp of 95/495 south onto ST Barnabas Road the street is in need of repair. Under the bridge the street has multiple potholes. I have to avoid this area due to the condition of the road. This causes an inconvenience. This repair is located in a high traffic low income area Please repair before the winter.
  • 7202 Wells Parkway Hyattsville, MD 20782, USA - Ward 3
    We just moved into the corner of Adelphi Rd and Wells Parkway and the street needs road repair and more importantly sidewalks! This is a busy intersection with cars zipping off of Adelphi Rd and it is a hazard for my two young children and the other children in the neighborhood.
  • 3400 Notre Dame Street Hyattsville, Maryland - Ward 3
    The streetlight between 3400 & 3402 Notre Dame St. is out, again. This happens repeatedly, each time it is fixed, within the quarter it fails again. Perhaps this is more than a "replace the light bulb" issue?
  • 15523 N. Nemo Court Bowie, MD - Bowie
    shovel sidewalk and dig out car
  • 5803 41st Avenue Hyattsville, Maryland - Ward 2
    Please shovel my front steps, front porch and enough of driveway to park a car.
  • 6800-6856 Belcrest Road Hyattsville, Maryland - Ward 3
    This corner has one or more street lamps that are out or missing, This is a busy intersection and there is a heavily used pedestrian crosswalk that is not lit. Drivers move too fast through here and it's nearly impossible to see pedestrians after dark with the lack of functioning street lamps. Please fix these lamps before there is a major accident here.