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  • Regency Pkwy District Heights, MD - Suitland-Silver Hill
    Entire right lane at the corner of Regency Parkway and Surrey Square Lane (heading toward Pennsylvania Ave) is nothing but patched potholes and is in dire need of repaving instead of patching. Traffic moves into oncoming traffic lane to avoid. This has been an issue for quite a while.
  • Huge pothole Archived
    Addison Rd. Seat Pleasant, MD - Seat Pleasant
    The main exit of Addison Plaza shopping (in front of the CVS) has a HUGE pothole.
  • 5800-5998 Sunnyside Ave Beltsville, MD 20705, USA - Beltsville
    The shoulders in both directions of this road are unsafe for cyclists. They are either completely missing or of a narrow width so as to render them hazardous
  • 3709 Hamilton St Hyattsville, MD 20782, USA - Ward 5
    The lack of sidewalk or even a curb, seemingly to accommodate unnecessary parking, makes this very busy stretch of road unsafe for pedestrians. Also, the bushes at this area are frequently so bushy that one cannot even really use the one piece of sidewalk that does exist - which has a busy bus stop as well!
  • Other Archived
    3911 Hamilton St Hyattsville 20781, United States - Ward 1
    The banner for the city anniversary parade was torn down from the wind today.
  • Chavez Lane Suitland, MD - Suitland-Silver Hill

    On May 2nd of this year I was robbed of my iPad 2 at a Suitland area McDonalds. What occurred minutes after the robbery and in the ensuing three months after it, is an example of the lack of professionalism and competence on the part of the Prince George's County Police department. 

    A few highlights:

    PG County Police Officer Coleman responded to the 911call, and when he arrived, repeatedly refused to enter the restaurant and question individuals that were involved in the robbery. He refused to enter the McDonalds and view the security tape that captured the robbery on video. The manager had even prepared it for him to look at. 

    Officer Coleman then had me stand in the parking lot while he sat in his cruiser for twenty minutes and took my statement. 

    After the robbery, I became upset at the response of this officer and drove to the Division III headquarters in Landover. I wanted to speak with a supervising officer. Of course there was no one present at three in the afternoon to speak with me. I was told a Corporal Savage would contact me. Later that day he did.  His responses to me were inane and incredulous. After I explained in detail about the robbery and how Officer Coleman refused to enter the McDonalds, he told me I hadn't given the responding officer enough information to make him enter the restaurant. I told the Corporal I had asked his officer multiple times to please question the individuals still in the McDonalds and to look at the security tape. What else could I have done to get the officer to go into the McDonalds?

    When he realized that his trying to blame me for his officer not going into the McDonalds, he asked me if I knew how many times the PG County Police had been sued for racial profiling. I told him I did not and how did this have anything to do with a police officer questioning people in a restaurant that were involved in a robbery, or at the very least, were witnesses?  Corporal Savage then asked me if I was willing to go to court with his officer if he was accused of racial profiling. Now the conversation was becoming bizarre. I asked him how could there be racial profiling if Officer Coleman just questioned witnesses to a crime?  How could there be racial profiling if everyone that was involved in the robbery was black and Officer Coleman is black?  He didn't answer.

    I told the Corporal that this was a glaring example of the incompetence of the PG  County Police. The responding officer doesn't do his job and you try to cover for him with an excuse of racial profiling. 

    Later that week I went and met with the manager of the McDonalds. He looked at the security tape and told me that the individuals I suspected were involved in the robbery actually were. They had let the robber into the McDonalds through a locked door. Everything I had told the responding officer had happened was right on the tape. In 5 days not one detective from the police department had come to view the tape or obtain a copy of it. I called the police from the McDonalds and told them the tape was there and to please pick it up. After two hours of waiting, I left. They did pick up the tape later that day. 

    A week later I was contacted by a detective and met with him at District III headquarters. He needed my statement and I told him I would prefer to type it and bring it to him the next day. I asked if I could view the security tape and he agreed. When I saw the tape, it was exactly what had occurred at the McDonalds and exactly what I had told the responding officer.

    Now comes the good part; the detective knows one of the guys involved in the robbery. He knows him!  

    It's been three months since the robbery and when I try and obtain an update from the police, I'm told they are still investigating the case. I don't know what's left to investigate. 

    I have been very patient through all of this, but I feel it's time to let others know that the PG County police will not assist a citizen that has been robbed, won't question witnesses to a crime, won't view a security tape showing the robbery and won't arrest one of the perpetrators, even when they know him!

    I asked the detective what more a citizen could do to help solve a robbery. I had given them everything they needed to make an arrest and they did nothing with it.    

    Maybe I needed to go find the person involved in the robbery that the detective knows and give him a ride to District III for questioning. The detective and the police have no intention of solving this case, regardless of the evidence and information provided to them.

    I have all of the information concerning the responding officer, the Corporal and the detective if you would like to have it. 


    Jon Titman

    You sent the information to Montgomery County, the incident needs to be reported to Prince Georges County officials. Thank you.

  • 3901 Oliver St Hyattsville, MD 20782, USA - Ward 2
    On Oliver and Oglethorpe for 39th Pl, 39th Ave and 38th Pl, the street signs don't reflect and are really hard to read at night. Street names are so alike, guests get confused trying to figure out which street is which. Need replaced.
  • Road repair Archived
    St Barnabas Rd & Interstate 95 Temple Hills, MD - Temple Hills
    Potholes and uneven road causing craters in roadway. Car damage possible. Located at underpass on both sides of street.
  • 6022 Emerson St Bladensburg, MD 20710, USA - Bladensburg
    Illegal Dumping continues in woods between cul-de-sac and 295. Computer parts, office furniture, and now car bumpers have all been illegally dumped. There are no warning signs posted in the cul-de-sac.
  • 3605 Oliver St Hyattsville, MD 20782, USA - Ward 2
    Good morning! I wanted to report a very deep pot hole/sink hope in the middle of Oliver St. It's now marked with a cone, but several cars bottomed out on it. Thank you!!
  • Toledo Rd & Adelphi Rd Maryland 20782, USA - Ward 3
    There is no 'walk' cycle at this intersection when walking across Adelphi Road.
  • 3324 Stanford St Hyattsville, MD 20783, USA - Ward 3
    non contiguous sidewalk on path