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Southern part of city limits only large area left for city to develope toward river.

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  • 3211 Mattison Road Conway, AR - Faulkner County
    The ditches in this area haven't been cleaned out in so long that tree's grow up in them. When we get a little rain it isn't so but but when we get a lot the road floods eating up the edge of the roadbed. Also the grass has grown up into the edge of the road bed causing the water to pool on the road instead of draining into the ditch. This causes a hazard after any rain fall as the the water is left on the road bed itself.
  • 3605 Deerbrook Dr Conway, AR 72034, USA - Conway
    We have been annexed into the city limits of Conway for over 12 yrs now if not longer and we want our road fixed like it needs to be fixed. The road was never up to code when the city annexed this area but they annexed it just the same. More taxes for the city. Well that's all fine and good with the exception of no one will fix our street. No more dropping asphalt on the road in and around the holes and running it over with a pick up truck or front end loader and thinking it has been fixed when it hasn't. I watched a city council meeting one night when the city engineer got up to talk about road projects and such and he made mention about Deerbrook Drive and maybe having to put it off for another year and sort of smiled as he said it. Well, Mr. Hall you might think it is a joke but it isn't. We are sick and tired of paying our taxes and not getting any results out of the city because they are to busy building roundabouts all over town or working on building new access areas for HP. Short of filing a lawsuit against the city I am at a loss as to what to do.
  • Nutters Chapel Road Conway, Arkansas - Conway
    Over a year ago the street department came out and bush hogged a bunch of trees along the edge of the roadway. They left the limbs laying in the ditch! It rolled
    Up into a big ball to further clog an already over grown ditch. The street floods twice as bad as it did before not to mention the trees that were at the edge of the ditch were mangled as well, sorry job on all accounts!
  • 51 Rocky Gap Rd Mayflower, AR 72106, USA - Faulkner County
    Conway has posted and made special lanes on many streets in Conway for Bicycles, However the Bicyclist don't seem to use them. They insist on pedaling down Rocky Gap Rd. and Hwy89 N, causing autos to be forced to go around them, most of the time in curves, over hills or other hazard conditions. I would like to see NO BICYCLES signs posted on these roads. Highway 89 is a Highway, not a bike trail.