Silver Spring Regional Center Area

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The Silver Spring Regional Services Center represents the County in our Center area by providing effective and timely liaison between Montgomery County government and our residents and businesses.

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  • East West Highway & Blair Mill Road Silver Spring, MD - Silver Spring

    Ongoing residential construction on three projects in Silver Spring needlessly closed sidewalks, forcing pedestrians to either navigate confusing, circuitous detours or to walk in the roadway. This results in unnecessary risks. Furthermore, a sidewalk was moved and cars park in front of it, making not ADA accessible. The building at 1200 East/West Highway is the biggest offender, with an unfinished sidewalk/front for over six months.

    Please see this link for more information:

  • 19786 Crystal Rock Drive Germantown, MD - Germantown

    The stop sign leaving the 7-11 parking lot has fallen down and cars are failing to yield to the traffic. This is right next to Kindercare Daycare Center so many cars driving in this area have children in them.

    There is also a large pot hole on the same road which causes cars to have to drive on the opposite side of the road to avoid it. This creates an additional hazard for cars turning onto the road.

  • 12600 Twinbrook Pkwy North Bethesda, MD 20852, USA - North Bethesda
    Due to improperly configured light timing at Fishers Lane and Ardennes Ave along Twinbrook Pkwy traffic is very congested even during non-peak hours. Drivers on Twinbrook Pkwy often sit, gridlocked, at these two lights as they complete a full cycle with little or no traffic entering from the side roads. The traffic light timing needs to be adjusted here to ease congestion.
  • 8201 16th St Nw Silver Spring, MD 20910, USA - Takoma Park
    Even though they have a green light and right of way, drivers going northbound on 16th street through circle risk getting hit by cars approaching on the left, that fail to stop at intersection crossing to get to US29/Colesville Road
  • 9607 9615 Maryland 97 Silver Spring, MD 20910, USA - Silver Spring
    Last street light on the Forest Glen Metro walking bridge is out and needs to be fixed. This is the pole light located on the bridge near Lansdowne and Georgia Avenue. It has been out for nearly a year and has not been fixed despite numerous complaints. Area gets very dark at night and has had problems with vandalism and theft from autos. Please fix this light.
  • Old Gate Place Rockville, MD - North Bethesda
    Remove sandbagged barriers on both ends of new bike path at Tildenwood Drive and where path ends at Old Farm pool at Swim Club Way.
  • Eastbound Bonifant Road At Notley Road Silver Spring, MD - Colesville
    There is no reason to prevent eastbound cars on Bonifant Rd. from turning right (south) onto Notley Road other than to discourage traffic from using Notley Road. No road enters from the left. Waiting for a green right arrow wastes time and gas and increases pollution, and going straight on Bonifant Rd. to turn right (south) on New Hampshire Ave. wastes time and gas and increases pollution.
  • Sherwood Forest Dr And Randolph Rd Colesville, MD - Colesville
    Traffic accidents occur weekly on Randolph road between Kemp Mill and New Hampshire Ave. We should have at least on more traffic lights between Kemp Mill and New Hampshire Ave. There have deaths along this segment of Randolph road that were attributed to undue speed.
  • 1599 North Portal Dr Nw Washington, DC 20012, USA/8200 16th Street, NW, DC, - Silver Spring
    The North Portal to the District of Columbia, the crossroads between DC, Downtown Silver Spring, MD, and Rock Creek Park is a dangerous place to drive, walk, to cross the street, and ride a bicycle. Poor sight lines, bad landscaping, inaccessible sidewalks (when there are sidewalks), poor traffic controls, confusing and distracting municipal and commercial signage, jurisdictional conflicts between law enforcement/EMS.
  • 1601 N Portal Dr Nw Washington D.C., DC 20012, USA - Silver Spring
    This is a very confusing circle where accidents occure frequently. Normally traffic in a circle has right of way, but here it is unclear who has right of way and there are accidents frequently.
  • Cedar Ave And 355 (Fulks Corner) Gaithersburg MD - Gaithersburg
    This is a very busy intersection not only for cars but pedestrian traffic across 355 (Frederick Ave) to the Old Towne area and the MARC stop. There is also a large bus stop on the corner and people have to cross the street during heavily trafficked times to use it. There is a serious need of a cross walk and perhaps a stop light as well since it is very dangerous for cars pulling out of Cedar Ave or Fulks Corner.
  • 11 E Franklin Ave Silver Spring, MD 20901, USA - Silver Spring
    Broken tree branches blocking East Franklin Avenue between Flower and University Boulevard