Upper Gwynedd Public Works

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  • 1484-1498 N Wales Rd North Wales, PA 19454, USA - Upper Gwynedd Township
    Several pot holes at the intersecion of N. Wales Road and Welsh Rd. by the Luke Oil Gas Station
  • Merck Lights Archived
    South Broad St. - Upper Gwynedd Township
    Traffic Lights surrounding Merck should be put on flashing other than rush hour. These lights are completely unnecessary most of the time.
  • Broad St. & Morris Rd Lansdale, PA 19446, USA - Montgomery County
    Turning left onto Morris Rd. from Broad St., the green turn arrow is much shorter than it was in the past. It turns yellow before the second car in line is through the intersection.
  • 786 Garfield Ave Lansdale, PA 19446, USA - Upper Gwynedd Township
    Lets be honest, with all these detours, a left turn light would be most helpful to turn on to Garfield!
  • Valley Forge Rd At Whites Rd. - Lansdale
    The timing should be fixed here. Once the light at Valley Forge Rd turns green the light at White's Rd turns red as one approaches it, holding up traffic on Valley Forge Rd, as the traffic can't get through the green light there.
  • 1612 S Broad St Lansdale, PA 19446, USA - Upper Gwynedd Township
    With Sumneytown pike being closed under the bridge, the green light for Broad street going north needs to last longer. Usually there's no backup on Sumneytown pike whereas there's about a mile-long backup stretching south on Broad street.
  • 1101-1207 Pennsylvania 363 Lansdale, PA 19446, USA - Upper Gwynedd Township
    We are lucky enough to have a sidewalk that stretches alonga good part of Valley Forge Road in Lansdale and Towamencin. There is a spot where the sidewalk ends, just near Snyder Road. It would be great to extend it down towards the Shopping Center (where Weiss and McDonald's are located) so that people in the neighborhood can walk to the grocery store without worrying about walking in the street. I see people, including kids coming home from the high school, walking along that stretch of road all the time. It's dangerous without a sidewalk. A sidewalk could be put in on either side of the road easily as there is plenty of room.
  • 1301-1699 S Broad St Lansdale, PA 19446, USA - Upper Gwynedd Township
    The traffic light at Merck's Gate 2 has been altered to trigger the left-hand turn arrows to come one even if there isn't a vehicle in the stack lane. All this is doing is exacerbating the Broad Street backup to Sumneytown. The arrows need to be turned off unless there is a vehicle in the stack lane.
  • 131 Church Rd North Wales, PA 19454, USA - Upper Gwynedd Township
    Church street (heading north east) from the Sumneytown Intersection is a complete mess for the first 1/2 mile. The pavement is uneven and riddled with potholes.
  • 412 N Sumneytown Pike North Wales, PA 19454, USA - Upper Gwynedd Township
    Light at Sumneytown Pike and Dickerson road only allows 5/6 cars through before turning red. Traffic is backing up before 7 AM! What about later in the day? Heavily travelled area, the light needs to be green longer.
  • 270-278 Dekalb Pike North Wales, PA 19454, USA - Upper Gwynedd Township
    Going S on Rt. 202 and at the light at Rt. 63 the green arrow is too short it turns yellow after one car turns now. It didn't use to be that way.It use to allow at least 3 cars to go through. I thought I was going to get a ticket last time I went through. I noticed they have a camera now at this light. Hmmmm????
  • North Wales PA 19454, USA - North Wales
    Huge pot holes on both sides of train tracks, making it impossible to fit two cars at a time there. PLEASE FIX there will be an acident here soon if this does not get taken care of PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX