Chesterfield County

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  • Powhite Parkway Richmond, Virginia - Bon Air
    Large piece of concrete is jutting up from the road surface - very dangerous. Right lane, just after the merge from Jahnke Rd. It's larger than a brick and protruding maybe six inches atop the surface. Suggest very quick removal of this hazard.
  • Scherer Dr Richmond, Virginia - Bon Air
    This is the 4th repair needed in the same spot. There may be something structurally wrong with the road here. There are two cones currently on the road.
  • 901 Buford Oaks Lane North Chesterfield, VA - Virginia - Bon Air
    A couple of fresh hard-to-avoid potholes at the corner of Buford Oaks Drive and Buford Road.
  • 2414 Buford Road Richmond, Virginia - Bon Air
    Please pick up bulk furniture items at this location in the front.
  • 20 North Providence Road Richmond, Virginia - Bon Air
    Large Pot holes in front of police station, damage causing
  • 8811 Forest Hill Ave Bon Air, VA 23235, USA - Bon Air
    A large changable message was placed on sidewalk of Forest Hill/Buford Rd intersection. Was this permitted? This is blocking pedestrian access and should be placed somewhere not in pedestrian access area. Also the message is - "Training Exercise, July 25" which isn't giving the general public much information on what they should do. Do you want traffic to avoid area? Will there be road closures?
  • 9161-9199 Rockaway Road Bon Air, Virginia - Bon Air
    potholes just south of railroad tracks where Rockaway meets Bon Air Depot
  • 2063 Huguenot Rd Richmond, VA, 23235, USA - Bon Air
    On 04/14/2019, at 3:30 pm this pothole was filled with rain. Driving through this large pothole caused one tire to deflate and ripped a hole through the other on the passenger side. Replacing the tire at the Firestone in the vicinity and realignment at another location cost me $200. Please will the responsible parties repair this hole. As you can see in the photo the pothole is between Outback and Fox and Hound businesses .
  • Huguenot Rd Richmond, Virginia - Bon Air
    Pothole in Richmond bound lane of Huguenot Road near Chippenham Pkwy
  • Where Riverside Changes To Scottview Richmond, Virginia - Bon Air
    there is a pile of trash from a street clean up today that needs to be picked up. b/c is contains multiple bags of cat litter someone improperly discarded on the side of the road, the trash bags are extremely heavy
  • 2114 State Route 678 Bon Air, Virginia - Bon Air
    several large potholes southbound on Buford Rd before Rockaway
  • 2224 Old Bon Air Road Bon Air, Virginia - Bon Air
    More and more potholes both southbound and northbound on Rockaway Road just south of Railroad tracks.