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  • 28 Grove St Ridgefield, CT 06877, USA - Ridgefield
    People regularly plow right through the stop signs at great speeds at the intersection of Sunset Lane and Grove Street. It has become a busy intersection and I witnessed many a near accident.
  • Catoonah St - Ridgefield
    VERY dangerous for any bicycle rider. one of the 'pot holes' is a sewer grate that is depresed 4-6 inches below the road surface. Please get these fixed. Perhaps the firemen already pointed this out since it is right in front of their building?
  • Farmingville Road Ridgefield, CT 06877, USA - Ridgefield
    Speeding continues on Farmingville and Blackman Roads. The streets have no sufficient lights and no sidewalks. Evening hours and morning hours when people jog and walk on the streets are dangerous. Perhaps the town could invest in putting a sidewalk along Farmingville for the community.
  • 44-98 Wilton Rd E Ridgefield, CT 06877, USA - Ridgefield
    The speed limit on this road is 25 mph, and the majority of the cars go 35-45 mph making it very dangerous for walkers.
  • High Ridge And Ramapoo - Ridgefield
    The stop sign at Ramapoo and Gilbert has been twisted out and traffic turning into Ramapoo from High Ridge (travelling toward town) risk missing the stop sign.
  • 17-55 Saw Mill Hill Rd Ridgefield, CT 06877, USA - Ridgefield
    How many accidents at this intersection will it take before SOMEONE realizes that TRAFFIC LIGHTS ARE NEEDED HERE!!!
  • 2 Ridgewood Rd Ridgefield, CT 06877, USA - Ridgefield
  • Pothole Archived
    2-24 Creamery Rd Ridgefield, CT 06877, USA - Ridgefield
    There is a pothole on creamery at the intersection with 33
  • 19-45 Spectacle Ln Ridgefield, CT 06877, USA - Ridgefield
    We live in a secluded part of town with narrow roads, and people including neighbors FLY down our road. Danger to other drivers, walkers, childern and dogs that are on the street on a regular basis
  • 2-20 Prospect Ridge Ridgefield, CT 06877, USA - Ridgefield
  • Nod Road And Cattle Pen Lane - Ridgefield
    One of the series of wood poles has fallen into the stream...leaving a large opening for a car to slide off road into stream in icy conditions which occur due to drainage pipe under road.
  • 62 Barry Ave Ridgefield, CT 06877, USA - Ridgefield

    This is a problem any time there's ice/snow melt and heavy rain. Water flows from driveways on the South side right over the heavily canted Barry Ave. At times so much water flows (like today) that you can see ripples. I shouldn't have to explain why this is bad but I will anyway. Driver who don't maintain their tires can experience aqua-planing, in late fall and early spring this day time water can freeze at night etc. etc.

    Not coincidentally this was the same location where snow from the Southern driveway was shoved onto Barry, causing several feet of the West bound lane to be blocked.

    - why did the plowing service think this was OK to do?
    - why did the owners of the driveway not call them back to fix this?
    - why did RFPD not contact the owners?

    Small wonder no one got hurt there.

    Location is approximate, I think the mailbox says 62 Barry. Anyone driving there will immediately know what I'm talking about.

    Please fix drainage of Barry Ave in this location!