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  • 3821 Vaughn Boulevard Fort Worth, TX - South East
    Its still out
  • North Beach And 820 Haltom city, Tx - Haltom City
    Are there any plans to address the consistent congestion in this area? Thanks
    Reported from my mobile device
  • 5024 Broadway Ave. Haltom City, TX 76117, Haltom City, TX - Haltom City
    Spell check software is free, and easy to use. I noticed our Crossroads publication for this month hasn't been any where near any of this free software. Please fix this, it's easily correctable, and speaks volumes about the pride and professionalism of you, our public servants.
  • light timing Archived
    8982 Trinity Blvd Fort Worth, TX 76053 - Eastside
    The timing of the lights headed West are extremely bad. This is about 10-15 minutes of my daily commute currently.
  • 1135 Farm To Market Road 718 Haslet, TX 76052, USA - Tarrant County
    Problem runs from Hwy 287 all the way to F.M. 156. Patched sporatically, but needs much more extensive work. This road is used by single families, many Northwest ISD school buses & an overwheming number of heavy-duty commercial vehicles/trucks. Also, BNSF RR tracks close to the new F.W. water tower (near west end of this road) are extremely hazardous to cross. Avondale-Haslet should be expanded to 4 lanes w/turn lanes, esp. for the Sendera Ranch community.
  • 2100-2198 Owasso St Fort Worth, TX 76107, USA - Arlington Heights
    There has been a pothole that just keeps getting worse on the side of the street and it is so bad that there is onle dirt showing, and with each rainfall it just keeps getting worse.
  • 2061-2261 Silver Creek Rd Fort Worth, TX 76108, USA - Far West
    This road has had reflectors added. Why? The whole road is a nightmare! Potholes are missed each time they come out to fill them. Still horrible. Going to video and send into news. Have complained to City with not much luck. Highly travelled road needs to be redone, not added to with poor maintenance of potholes. Can't even fill them right. 3-27-12. Hasn't Changed. They did not fill half of the ones I wrote about prior, now there are even more.
  • 497-823 Farm To Market Road 718 (Avondale-Haslet Rd) Haslet, TX 76052, USA - Fort Worth
    The Avondale/Haslet rd is in terrible need of patching caved in road. County did their part
  • the feeder ramps that merge from 360 n, 360 south to 183 eastbound are all yields and have very high traffic volumes. absolutely need a stop sign on some or all of the ramps merging.
  • 3716 Lisbon St Fort Worth, TX 76107, USA - Arlington Heights
    On the corner, in front of the Whataburger, there are major pot holes that get filled, but then always crack away, making more of a mess. They need to just repave the whole street, because patching it doesn't work.
  • Edgewood Terrace Fort Worth, TX - South East
    huge holes all up and down edgewood terrace.
  • 1119 8th Ave Fort Worth, TX 76104 - Southside
    The traffic lights on Rosedale, particularly at 8th & Rosedale, rarely give pedestrians a walk light. The intersections and the road itself are far too single-mindedly car oriented.