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  • 730 Coney Island Avenue Brooklyn, NY - City Council District 40
    Along the west side of Coney Island Avenue from Caton and on south, auto-body and car wash shops park cars and stand signs in one of the traffic lanes. This causes a dangerous mix of backed up traffic and drivers trying to maneuver around these hazards. This is an ongoing issue that causes problems for drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians.
  • Lt. Federico Narvaez Tot Lot 1302 Cortelyou Rd, Brooklyn, NY - City Council District 40
    A minivan crashed into the tot lot on November 19th, destroying the fence around the playground, making it unsafe for toddlers and kids to play there. This is an important space in the community and needs to be fixed.
  • Fort Hamilton Parkway And Prospect Expressway Brooklyn, NY - Park Slope
    To get to the Fort Hamilton Parkway F/G station from Fort Hamilton on the west side of the Prospect Expressway, one major access route is a path that goes under a bridge that crosses the expressway. Every time it rains, the passageway floods, leaving an enormous puddle that is impossible to cross. This has been going on for a very long time:
  • 255-267 E 18th St Brooklyn, NY 11226, USA - City Council District 40
    There is a huge area of sunken pavement along the NE corner of East 18th and Beverley. Along with being a driving hazard, it routinely catches water when it rains that takes forever to evaporate, and in the summer months this creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  • 664 Rugby Road Brooklyn, NY - City Council District 40
    The tree at 664 is split and will fall any moment. People are crossing the caution tape posing for pics beneath it.
    A work order has been created by the forestry dept, but the tree is visibly splitting and will fall into the street and sidewalk. Both fallen trees at Rugby Road (664 & 668) need to be removed immediately.
  • Fort Greene Park Brooklyn, NY - Fort Greene
    Fort Greene park is DEAD during winter months. Couldn't off-leash for dogs be extended beyond 9am during winter? Maybe to 10am?
  • Newkirk Plaza Brooklyn, New York - City Council District 40

    Constant issues with overflowing trash cans in Newkirk Plaza, especially on the West side, with garbage constantly blowing all over the Plaza. Perhaps more garbage cans or more frequent pick-up would solve the problem.

    Photo is 1 of 3 from 7/25/14

  • Argyle Road And Cortelyou Brooklyn, NY 11213, USA - City Council District 40
    The tot lot at Cortelyou and Argyle was in sorry shape Tuesday morning (8/3). What looked like a big pool of vomit on and under one of the benches and the remains of a
    dead mouse under the jungle gym. Pretty disconcerting. Also there is an abundance of garbage, uneven floor areas with perpetual and useless orange cones, and the jungle gym has many areas of exposed metal.
  • 700 E 17th St Brooklyn, NY 11230, USA - City Council District 40
    2 years ago this homeowner illegally constructed an addition in violation of landmarks, under cover, during labor day weekend. he was issued a stop work order. today i see he has resumed work, still with no permits, and still in violation of landmark status! we have been fighting him for 2 years, and cannot believe! he has not been fined heavily and forced to tear down this structure. it violates his F.A.R. significantly, is constructed on top of his driveway, destroys the landmark nature of the house and neighborhood, and sits far too close to the neighbors. STOP HIM IMMEDIATELY! FINE HIM HEAVILY PLEASE!!!!!!!!! He also is a bad man, having intentionally tried to cause physical harm to the old man next door, who has now passed away. He used to throw garbage on the neighbor's porch, among other acts, hoping to cause the old man to fall. The widow now has her property illegally encroached upon and lives in fear of the temper of this selfish person.
  • 710 Coney Island Ave Brooklyn, NY 11218, USA - City Council District 40
    --a line of cars parked perpendicular to street on the sidewalk blocking pedestrian access
  • 3159 Flatbush Ave Brooklyn, NY 11234, USA - City Council District 46
    Flatbush Ave South desperately needs a left turn signal at the light for the entrance to the Aviator Sports parking lot at Floyd Bennett Field. Because there is an access road/bike path just before the entrance, there is a second red light facing cars trying to make left turns. This is confusing and unsafe. When attempting to make the left on green, the driver is faced with the red at the access road. Cars back up in the left turn lane because it isn't possible to make the turn on green, which is the norm. Then they all try to turn when the light turns red for Flatbush traffic. There was recently a bad accident at this light and there are bound to be worse if a left turn signal is not installed.
  • 625 E 18th St Brooklyn, NY 11226, USA - City Council District 40
    External lights on this building are left on all night long. After receiving a complaint from this community board, there was a brief period that the lights were turned off at night. Now they are back on again all night including additional lights over the balconies. It is so bright in my apartment that I am having trouble sleeping. Seems these lights can be timed to turn off after 9 pm