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  • 204 Main St Oneida, NY 13421, USA - Oneida
    Let the Origlios build! How can the city keep messing with business people who are willing to take a chance on expanding. I say put mirrors on for the siding then they can continue to see the conglomeration of the current buildings. The new City Hall is only a one story building by the way.
  • 210 E Elm St Oneida, NY 13421, USA - Oneida
    Northside neighborhoods, constant yelling, profanity, vulgarity... continuously making the streets dangerous for drivers and other pedestrians by walking in the streets, and refusing to move for traffic. Loitering, drug dealing, all openly as most of the police force looks on, and does nothing.
  • 560 Seneca St Oneida, NY 13421, USA - Oneida
    Please stop teen smoking near the high school!
  • 1169-1265 Lenox Ave Oneida, NY 13421, USA - Oneida
    This stretch of Lenox needs to have the speed limit lowered to 45 mph before serious accidents happen!
  • Glenwood Ave And Rt #5 Oneida, NY 13421, USA - Oneida
    At the intersection of RT #5 and Glenwood Ave , in front of the Rite Aid Pharmacy, people continue to use the FAR RIGHT HAND LANE as a THRU lane when it is actually for RIGHT HAND TURNS ONLY into the pharmacy parking lot !! The sign hanging over the road CLEARLY indicates a RIGHT TURN only. This needs the be more clearly defined or drivers need to be ticketed
  • 220 Sherman St Oneida, NY 13421, USA - Oneida
    There is a lot of traffic at the house near the corner of Lake St. and Sherman St. Is there any way to make parking legal on only one side of the street?
  • 520 Sayles St Oneida, NY 13421, USA - Oneida

    A combination of a steep road, of a daycare center, of intersections with poor line-of-sight, of commercial trucks and through traffic taking shortcuts, and of excess speed makes this road an inherent hazard.

    The solution is what other communities do with similar traffic problem. Add all-way stops to every Sayles Street intersection.

  • 226 Loucks St Oneida, NY 13421, USA - Oneida
    Almost every day and sometimes late into the knight young teens and some older young adults hang out in the road here. They block access to driveways and cars have to stop and wait for the kids to get their skateboard rails and ramps out of the road. This is a safety hazard not to mention the annoyance factor of having to wait to enter your driveway or hearing their constant rattle as skateboards hit the street. Isn't there a skate board park these kids can hang out at instead of the middle of the street?
  • 431-465 New York 46 Oneida, NY 13421, USA - Oneida
    Former junior high school could easily fit 6-8 single residences, generating $35k- to over $50k in annual tax revenue. This lot has been an eyesore for a couple generations; is there no one who has the will to fix?
  • 219 E Railroad St Oneida, NY 13421, USA - Oneida
    All of these issues are running rampant in this area. I have had items stolen off our property numerous times, teenagers trespassing through properties to go from Elm to Railroad. Many problems in this area. The police seem as if they are present, yet do not bother to enforce these issues.
  • Rough road Archived
    148-198 N Willow St Oneida, NY 13421, USA - Oneida
    The road in this area of N Willow St was left in terrible condition after being dug up for repairs. It was left very rough and uneven. Very difficult to drive on. The road was just repaved last summer and now is worse than ever. Please fix it!
  • 1121 Glenwood Ave Oneida, NY 13421, USA - Oneida
    potholes everywhere! you can't even see the lines to the parking spaces, and you have to navigate around the potholes. it's horrible.