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  • 2 16 Mechanic St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Rock
    The entire stretch of the street in front of Mezcal is completely torn up with potholes and cracks.
  • 20 Nash Street New Haven, CT - East Rock
  • 1006 State Street New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock

    Intersection crossing distance too wide for pedestrians.

    Due to the oddly angled intersection of State, Mechanic and East Streets, crossing distances for pedestrians are very wide - 75 feet across Mechanic Street, 85 feet across East Street, and nearly 100 feet across State Street to the park. This might be an opportunity for curb bump outs, outdoor seating, and upgraded bus stops to narrow crossing distances and create a sense of place at this intersection. It seems appropriate timing for improvements at this location now that the State Street bridge is open.

  • 13 Nash Street New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Rock
    Cars parked on the odd side of street blocking the plow
  • Clearing snow Archived
    95 Nicoll Street New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    I've been seeing on the news that new haven is clearing many streets and towing cars in order to do so. Has this been planned for Eastrock? The streets are narrow and there are cars parked everywhere and most streets in Eastrock are now a one-way street.
  • 28 Nash Street New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    28 Nash does not maintain their lawn.
  • 106 Nash St New Haven, CT - East Rock
    Tall weeds make the property look unoccupied, which it is not, There were 2 attempted break-ins last week. Landlord (Scott Kern) does not respond to requests for mowing.
  • 50 Nash Streetn New Haven Connecticut - East Rock
    This van (Honda w/ plates 534 ZGG) constantly parks illegally blocking multiple things. In this photo he's blocking the exit to the apartment building making it almost impossible to get out this way since it's left turn only. The sign in front of him says no parking, so the spot is illegal. Notice in the photo the parking spot available in front of the red car on the right side of the street. I watched him park this van, so I know that spot was available as he did it.
    He often blocks other driveways in this same area ignoring their corresponding signs. He's also parked ON the car in front of him in the photo making it impossible for them to get out and possibly doing damage to the car. The driver even nicks cars all the time ( was told by his neighbor in his building it's because he's constantly drunk).
    Also, almost every week somebody plays with keys and hits the honk button. Be it 7-8am on Saturday or 11pm on a Tuesday, they don't care. They'll hit the button and make the horn honk for hours on end sometimes. It's ridiculous! I've often woken up on Sunday mornings at 7am to this car honking for 45 minutes straight. It's not a constant alarm type honk. It's the honk that some cars have that happens when you hit the lock button, only they must be hitting the button every 10-20 seconds playing with the keys. I'm not the only neighbor to be annoyed by this.
  • 17 Nash Street New Haven, CT - East Rock
    First, we thank LCI and NHPD for coming out on a Sunday night and removing the illegal occupants on the 2nd floor of the mold-infested house at 17 Nash Street. Unfortunately at least two of the former inhabitants are there this morning, sitting the 2nd floor porch where they can survey the street for police, and they are staying well beyond the time it would take to remove their things. They have left both the front and the back doors wide open, making the house accessible to thieves and squatters. The landlord has not been seen in weeks and has made no visible attempt to secure the house. Will LCI see to it that the house is secure and will NHPD please drive by in unmarked cars? Thank you again for helping with the 9 months of fears and woes that the landlord of 17 Nash Street has caused New Haven and its taxpayers.
  • Lawrence And Nicoll New Haven, CT - East Rock
    Drivers treat the stop signs on Lawrence at Nicoll and Foster as optional and are constantly driving right through. Police are often sitting on Lawrence at Orange street watching that intersection during rush hours but perhaps would be better served moving a couple blocks down. It is extremely dangerous for pedestrians hoping to cross those intersections.
  • 30 Nash Street New Haven, CT - East Rock
    Trash including mattress STILL in front yard 2 weeks after tenant left and a week after asking LCI to look into it. Trash is also at approx. 36 lawrence street, a few doors down and around the corner from 30 NASH, also 2 weeks after move and approx 1 week after report to LCI. Is H, the owner of 30 Nash taking the city seriously?
  • Broken glass Archived
    Nash St New Haven, CT - East Rock
    After every garbage collection day there is a pile of broken glass every few feet all the way down the street. There are large and a few small shards of glass which can cause punctured tires. I find myself having to try to sweep these piles up so as not to ruin my tires. Can you alert the appropriate people and get them to remedy the situation?