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  • Lawrence St New Haven, CT - East Rock
    There are 2-3 consecutive potholes on the eastbound side of Lawrence street as you approach Nash. With the frequency of traffic, and the winter upcoming, these will pose a danger to cars and drivers.
  • 101 Nicoll Street New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Rock
    Please move your red Mini Cooper. There's a snow parking ban and we are at risk of losing this spot for the rest of the season if you don't dig it out. Also bc you drive a mini, the spot has gotten even smaller. Be kind the your neighbors and move!!! I have seen you twice come outside today with a shovel, look at it and go back inside. Why? Do you need help? I know you live in the red house next to the purple house.
  • 32 Mechanic Street New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Rock
    Various household items dumped over recently planted greenery
  • 47 Edwards Street New Haven, CT - East Rock
    Worker at rental unit clearing trash to curb with no bulk trash scheduled. Stated it was landlord's job to take care of it and would not remove it from curb. Trash includes broken sections of couch and other furniture.
  • Edwards Street New Haven, Connecticut - Bishop-Hine
    Cars are still parked along the odd side of Edwards street from State to Orange. Hope the city will enforce ticketing/towing ti make plowing easier.
  • 101 Nicoll Street New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    Please tow 5AL XK9 maroon mini cooper. It is parked on the odd side of Nicoll street in front of my house (101) and it is preventing me from fully accessing my driveway. I have tried to call NHPD but no one seems to be answering phones.
  • 17 Nash New Haven, CT - East Rock
    It's easy to get into 17 Nash, see the broken pane in the front door?
  • Sidewalks Archived
    996 State St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Rock
    There is a difference in height between two sections of the sidewlk in front of the Pizza store near City Gallery. It is like a small step where it should not be and is likely to be unnoticed until someone falls as I did. I tripped on this defect on Fri. Mar 25., fell on my face and knees, and am bruised, scraped and swollen. I also have a black eye.
  • 34 Mechanic Street New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Rock
  • 17 Nash Street New Haven, CT - East Rock
    Decaying food is scattered around the yard at 17 Nash Street, along with broken windows, glass, tires, rot and decay. One window pane is entirely missing and the doors are being left open day and night, allowing vermin into the house. WHY ISN'T THIS BEING INVESTIGATED?????
  • 7 Edwards Street New Haven, Connecticut - Bishop-Hine
    Cars towed on Edwards St. with no signage. I saw signs there this morning which looked fresh and new, but I saw nothing last night nor over the weekend. The odd side has no parking Tuesday which have been posted since at least Friday.
  • 30 Edwards New Haven, CT - Bishop-Hine
    Branches placed at the curb for pickup after the hurricane according the city's instructions have still not been taken away with normal pickup. I've tried to follow the instructions the City provided and we've had multiple trash pickups with branches left behind. Am I missing something? Though it seems like I'm not the only one.