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  • 130 Felt Rd CT 06074 - South Windsor
    This project is supposed to take until November to finish. Crews have been absent and working at snails pace. Wonder if they are spilling fuel from their heavy equipment into the pond and creek. Stretching this project out for 6 months for what appears to be a 4 week at the most project.
  • 215 Main St rockville, ct 06066 - Rockville
    This structure is in horrible disrepair. If the "investors" care at all about the community they should do something to close up the broken windows and clean up the facade of the building. Other buildings in a similar situation have been "beautified" in order to make the community feel more comfortable about it - why not rake up the broken glass and garbage and put a coat of paint on the building to make it look better until you get around to fixing it? Update- the repair/demo of this building just went out to bid - AGAIN? http://www.vernon-ct.gov/pdfs/Contract_937ABC.pdf
  • 32 Bellevue Ave Vernon Rockville, CT 06066, USA - Rockville
    There are a series of massive pot holes that started back in September of 2010. The combination of rain, snow and town plowing has destroyed this road. The pot holes are a minimum of 3 feet in diameter with a depth of 6-8inches. Vehicles are forced to drive around them onto the grass. Nothing has been done to repair this problem in over 6 months. Bellevue Ave was 80% paved mid to late last year but the town failed to complete the road. These pothole need to be fixed.
  • Miller Pond Rd. And Bush Hill Rd. Manchester CT 06040 - Manchester
    While pulling out of Miller Pond Rd. there is no visibility as to West bound cars. There is a dip in the road on Bush Hill. Therefore, you cannot see the on coming car to your left,until it is on top of you. You actually have to pull out into the travel portion of Bush Hill to see any cars coming. The site line is blocked by mailboxes , tree growth and the dip in the road. Going east on Bush Hill and turning left onto to Miller Pond, you have to go nearly past Miller Pond to get to an area, that has safe visibility, pause,make sure there is no car in the dip of Bush Hill Rd., then turn quickly. This is a very dangerous intersection, however, the town comes to observe in high seated trucks and does not seem to think this is a problem. In addition to this problem is the speeding issue as well.
  • 76 Union St Vernon Rockville, CT - Rockville
    since the "convenience store" has gone in a few months ago, the crime activity in the area and inside the building has increased dramatically. Drug remnants left in the halls(private halls), and garbage wrappers left all over the yard, parking at the end of the driveway blocking the entrance, trespassing and loitering, VERY sketchy people hanging around...I have 2 children I am TRYING to raise here and there has GOT to be something we can do. The landlords refuse to listen to our concerns and are doing very little to resolve any issues.
  • 1645 Ellington Rd South Windsor, CT - South Windsor
    Ellington Road between Clark Street and Pierce Road needs to be widened by fixing cracked surface and extending surface so that at least 4 feet of shoulder is in place. This small .3 of mile stretch has hundreds of cyclists, pedestrians and cars sharing a deficient road surface creating a dangerous situation.
  • Buckland Rd traffic Acknowledged
    206 Buckland St CT 06074 - Manchester
    3 serious problems on Buckland in SW and Manchester. People should NOT be in the left lane unless they are about to almost immediately take a left turn. People are now text messaging. Cellphones are bad enough. Getting off the HOV lane onto Buckland 6 or 7 cars run the light. Correction, many of them don't run the light, they have no idea there's a light or they just don't care. State wants to close a deficit, then issue tickets for speeding, using hand held cellphone, running lights, and hovering in the left lane. Driving on Buckland is like being in a War Zone.
  • 38 Russel Dr vernon, CT - Vernon
    my wife an me have lived in our house for over 15 years now and my next door neighbor has been in his house for well over 25. my major concern is that his house looks abandoned he has never done any up keep on it since i have lived here. from the last snow storm his garage has completely collaspe in now, he has holes in the side of the house where i have seen wild animals go in and out of the house,there are trees ,vines,and brush that grow up on the house and right next to it. there is also an in-ground pool in the back yard that is filled with water making it a cess pool. my wife an me cant even go in our back yard in the summer because the bugs an mosgitos are so bad that come from his back yard and this pool.i have made many complaints in town with the building inspector and health dept and they keep sending me back an forth between them, others neighbors an people in the neighborhood have had made complaints about this persons home for many years and nothing is ever done about. there is a blight law in the town but what good is it if no one will up hold it. right now this house has become a very bad saftey an fire hazzard in the neighborhood for all the neighbors an little children around. this house should really be condemed an unsafe to live in. in the spring an summer you cant even see the house from the road because of all the over growth from the trees an brush and its only maybe 30 feet from the road.please help us and my neighbors we need it bad. the town knows about it and how bad bad it is but they dont seem to want do anything about it and always give people the run around about it. please again im begging for some more help with this matter. i am even willing to be home sometime if some one wanted to come over to look at this house an garage to take pictures or video to get this matter taken care of.i dont think any one should have to live next to something like this when its such a very nice neighborhood except for this. thank you for listening and i really hope you guys can help
  • 444 Center St Central Manchester, CT - Central Manchester
    Willie's Steak House is a disgrace. The building is falling down, the parking lot is overgrown and the entire property appears to be DANGEROUS
  • 391 Middle Tpke E Central Manchester, CT 06040 - Central Manchester
    The sidewalks on the north side of East Middle Tpke between Parker St and Woodbridge st. have basically disappeared. You cannot distinguish the sidewalk from the st. The town needs to fix this like they said they would years ago
  • I- 384 East Hartford, CT - East Hartford
    When going to Manchester from E. Hartford on Silver Lane/Spencer Street, there is an on ramp on the right to go to I-384. There is a traffic light there. When the light is red, so one stops at it. They just go about 60 MPH right through the red light. When the light is red, it may mean that pedestrians/bicyclists are crossing. If they do not know about people not stopping at the red light, they may just proceed across. They cannot see if anyone is going through the light, as cars that are stopped there to go straight are blocking their view. Not sure if this will help, as no one obeys no turn on red signs, but it's a start.
  • Speeding Archived
    Valley View Lane Vernon Rockville, CT 06066, USA - Vernon
    This street is a small no outlet street. A wonderful neighborhood to raise children. But please don't go out for walks at dinner time or later. Lots of people speed around the circle. My family and I have almost been hit 3 different times! Once my Husband stopped the man that came only inches from hitting us. This person had been drinking!! In all honesty, if we hadn't moved quickly, us or one of our 3 children would have been hit. The speed limit is 25. Very quiet neighborhood but lots of speeding cars!! Peterson Rd. which Valley View is off of is also an issue with speeding. It's a long road with only a stop sign at the very end. There are sidewalks on Peterson however. Thank goodness. I worry about all the kids walking to & from school. I've reported this speeding to the police station to no avail. I want to feel safe while walking or riding bikes with me children!