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  • Rt 263 Winsted, CT 06098, USA - Winchester
    This section of Rt 263 is in horrible condition. Over the past several years we have reported it to the state, but all we get is lip service. Promises to fix it in the spring, and no actions are ever taken. It's to the point that if we can avoid going into Winsted, we will. It's not worth repairing the cars to support the business downtown. Maybe if the town backed us up, the state might listen.
  • 139 E Wakefield Blvd - Winchester
    So the taxes are pretty much un- affordable in the highland lake area people that have had cottages and homes up there that have been passed down from family member to family member are selling the homes because the taxes are so high!!! But where are these tax dollars going to? You would think that at least the difference between the regular tax and the lake tax would at least go to the roads which is horrible, the wear and tear that is put on my car every day just driving home is terrible...Somebody please fix this @ least the pot holes!!
  • Haydon Hill Road @ Upper Valley Road - Winchester
    Large wide cracks , raised and broken pavement in roadway...
  • 233 Holabird Ave Winsted, CT 06098, USA - Winsted
    The bridge on Holabird Ave., east side of North Main St., before Whiting St., Winsted needs repaving badly!!! The added sand helped for about a week.
    Now, it IS a washboard! Since storm Irene, it is NOW the entire street! pot-holes, cave-ins gallore! Let's get it fixed BEFORE the snow comes!!!
  • 175-209 E Lake St Winsted, CT 06098, USA - Winsted
    After several months, the people outside Laurel Hill aren't "fighting", they're loitering. It's annoying. Go home and do something productive with yourselves. Try volunteering somewhere and spending you days being useful additions to society instead of bothering the residents of the facility and neighborhood any longer.
  • 249-257 Holabird Ave Winsted, CT 06098, USA - Winsted
    holabird Avenue , winsted on the hillside where the firehouse is , loaded with alot of potholes.
  • 97-143 U.S. 44 Winsted, CT 06098, USA - Winsted
    The wall across from the sunoco station is falling. one stone has already fallen into the road. this could cause a serious accident if not fixed soon
  • 1-101 Colony Dr Winsted, CT 06098, USA - Winsted
    When trying to cross onto Stanton Ave. from Colony Dr., the shrub on the right is so huge, you have to pull 3/4 of the way into the road to be able to see up the hill.
  • 127-135 Sucker Brook Rd Winsted, CT 06098, USA - Winchester
    at the end of succer brook rd/platt hill . someone should make the people that live on the corner cut all that brush over hanging or blocking vision of the rd, everyone that turns left just goes, and hopes no one is coming
  • 131-139 Smith Hill Rd Winsted, CT 06098, USA - Winchester

    The issue with this light is when you need to go from Smith Hill Rd. straight onto Rt. 20.

    Unfortunately, the light doesn't register that you're at the bottom of the road without having to pull waaaay out onto Old Rt. 8. When this happens, the light doesn't turn green, even when the cars from Rt. 20 have a green light.

    I suspect this happens to a lot of drivers, and it's very frustrating.

  • 115-117 Peck Rd Winsted, CT 06098, USA - Winchester
    I am so tired of driving on Peck Road, getting to the stop sign at the intersection of Peck Rd and Mountain Road, and watching car after car run the stop sign.
  • Whiting St And Rt 44 Winsted, CT - Winsted
    there have been numerous accidents here and its just a fatality waiting to happen, people turn around comming from d-d and add that to the two lanes of traffic speeding west down the hill of rt44 and you have a problem. cant tell the police ....even they do it......guess we will have to wait till someone is killed......