Hobby Area District

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The Hobby Area Management District was created by the 80th Legislature in June 2007 under Section 59, Article XVI, of the Texas Constitution and Chapter 4110 of Special District Local Laws Code. A service plan has been created for the District which includes plans to put in place public safety, business development, transportation planning and visual improvement initiatives.

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  • 7655 Bellfort Houaton Tx. 77061 - Southeast
    Store owner does not clean up his property. Litter and debris everywhere spreading into the neighborhood.
  • 8211 Leonora St Houston, TX 77061, USA - Southeast
    Chronic problem!!!! As soon as garbage is cleaned up the residents from the nearby apartments resume dumping! This is disgusting and right around the corner from a school and nursing home! Something new and more aggressive needs to be done, enough is enough with this, this is a neighborhood not a landfill!!!
  • Water Leak Archived
    7815-7817 Santa Elena St Houston, TX 77061, USA - Southeast
  • 7619 Glen Prairie St Houston, TX 77061, USA - Southeast
  • 8027 Glenforest Ct Houston, TX 77061, USA - Southeast
    Huge collection of heavy trash and building waste in yard and over flowing into neighbors yard.
  • 8256 Leonora St Houston, TX 77061, USA - Southeast
  • 8129-8137 Broadway St Houston, TX 77061, USA - Southeast
    Broadway has been renovated less than a year ago and it is already crumbling! This was supposed to be a long lasting durable remake of Broadway but the poor work of the contractor has resulted in cracking and crumbling of the road in just over 6 months! This work is under warranty and the entire roadway needs to be closely inspected and the contractor and others involved held accountable!
  • Pothole Archived
    Broadway And Santa Elena - Southeast
    After 2 years of construction, the remodel of Broadway was finally completed in time for SB51. Here we are now, 5 months after the tourism boom, and already in need of repairs. What was the point in fixing up Broadway to begin with if this is what we have to deal with now? The reasoning behind the revamp in the first place was that Broadway is a major thoroughfare for visitors to get from the airport to the city and back... The first and last impression for many. Please address this pothole issue in a timely manner so it doesn't continue to worsen. Please don't send the signal to visitor and residents alike that they are not worthy of quality roads just because we don't have a major event like the Super Bowl going on right now. And please stop closing tickets concerning this issue without truly addressing it
  • 7711-7799 Lakewind St Houston, TX 77061, USA - Southeast
    This street has been newly renovated. It is cracking and has many potholes forming daily due to defective work! The entire street needs to be inspected and the contractor needs to repair his shoddy work! DO NOT CLOSE THIS COMPLAINT and tell us the repairs have been done already - they have not!!!!
  • Pothole Archived
    7642 Glenview Drive Houston, Texas - Southeast
    Much of the brand new paving/concrete on Broadway (approx blocks 8100-8200) in Glenbrook Valley is already falling apart. Broken chunks of concrete and potholes should be under warranty and must be fixed before it gets even worse.
    This is the main artery for access to our neighborhood AND the ugly, bumpy first impression that visitors to/from Hobby Airport have of our city. Embarrassing.
    Please fix!
  • 8364-8380 Broadway St Houston, TX 77061, USA - Southeast
    There are ~5 bags of trash and a lot of trash lining the fence of the parking lot and a few tires out here. It looks like people throw their junk out here if it can't be donated in the box. People can see this from Broadway and it needs to be cleaned up.
  • 8211-8299 Leonora St Houston, TX 77061, USA - Southeast