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  • 66 1st St New Haven, CT, 06519, USA - City Point
    An oldie but goodie! Green & white BMW with VT marker FRT 486. Registered in VT--despite fact that owner has resided in first floor apt of 80 First St for about 4 years. I reported this almost a year ago: https://seeclickfix.com/issues/5163818-illegal-car-3-first-st-between-greenwich-howard BUT who cares? I'm sure city employees have much more important things to do than collect the revenue THAT PAYS FOR YOUR SALARIES!!!!
  • 38-48 Truman St New Haven, CT 06519, USA - Hill
    Vehicle parked in NO STANDING ANYTIME zone. Red Nissan Pathfinder parked on Truman at corner of King overnite.
  • 2 Howard Avenue New Haven, CT 06519, United States of America - City Point
    These people that live in this house continue to use the sidewalk as a driveway. They need to be told the sidewalk isn't for their vehicles. It's 22 Howard Ave. this needs to be dealt with.
  • 112 Greenwich Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - City Point
    Home owner at 112 Greenwich Avenue routinely allows her pit bull to roam freely on street. My mail carrier was recently prevented from making a delivery to my home because he felt threatened. This was verified to me by the a post office supervisor when I inquired about not receiving my package on the expected date. Issue has been previously reported to animal control with no action taken.
  • Leaves Archived
    196 Greenwich Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - City Point
    Just read New Haven's warning about residents blowing leaves into the street and the fact that they will be given a hefty fine if this occures. The maintenance crews at Saint Raphael's Hospt. are allowed to blow their leaves into the street on Chapel Street and they are picked up by the city' street sweeping crew. As a former employee I've seen it with my own eyes and as a New Haven home owner and resident I resent the special treatment and double standard. I am a tax payer! The hospital is non prophet thus they don't pay taxes. With that reality I am paying for this pick-up! All tax payers in New Haven should have a hard time with this practice and protest.The tree lines strip was planted by the city. Why should it be my labor and expense to dispose of THOSE leaves? If our mayor can find 4 grand in the city budget to buy uniforms for two receptionists maybe SHE can pay for my leaves!
  • 520 Howard Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Hill
    The city needs to have a system for plowing BOTH sides of residential streets. After the first odd-side parking ban, and plowing of the odd side of the street, the next step should be an EVEN side parking ban, and cleaning the EVEN side.
    Alternate side of the street snow removal is typical in cities, and has been the norm in all the northern cities and towns where I have lived.
    New Haven's odd approach means that after a big snowfall, if there is a second storm residents can't park on the even side of the street, because it is blocked with huge mounds of snow. If the city never removes the snow after each storm, things become more difficult with each storm.
    Why doesn't New Haven follow a logical system to guarantee clear streets during the winter?
  • 332 Howard Ave New Haven, Connecticut 06519 - City Point
    (I sent the following email to city officials in the Building Dept & LCI:) TO: JTurcio@newhavenct.gov; GLBennett@newhavenct.gov;
    SUBJECT: 332 Howard Ave, no CO until rehabbed!!
    Please be aware that the new owner of 332 Howard Ave,
    whose name and residence is
    Jianchao Xu [aka “Nash Street LLP”]
    Bethany, CT 06524
    Should NOT be given a Certificate of Occupancy [CO] until this building has been EXTENSIVELY rehabilitated.
    I personally inspected the interior when it recently was bank-owned and the interior is completely dilapidated and hazardous.
    In addition to walls, ceilings, etc. as well as rodent infestation, all MECHANICAL systems are in disrepair and not safe:
    ADDITIONALLY, there are innumerable building and Housing Code violations.
    According to the website, portal.viewpermit. com
    The last permit pulled for 332 HOWARD AV [i.e., that is viewable online] was on 8/8/2014 for “Siding : remove/replace wood siding as needed”
    >>ALSO please be aware that this new owner, Jianchao Xu has a NOTORIOUS reputation for NOT Complying with codes and of Utterly ignoring Orders by city officials to rectify problems.
    **See New Haven Independent article “House Call Paid On Dr. Landlord” published Nov 30, 2015.
    If you’re permitted to click links sent to your government email, here’s the article:
    ALSO enter his name, Jianchao Xu in the Independent’s search box for more.
    Your attention to this issue is greatly appreciated—not only by me, but also by my many neighbors!
    Thank you!
    Christopher Schaefer (Second Street)
  • Unsanitary Archived
    350-370 Greenwich Ave New Haven, CT - City Point
    There are always mice and or rats going into the back of those houses starting at # 370. On Garbage day the amount of garbage overflowing is bringing more animals to the street. It's not properly stored in containers, it's overflowing. There is also a strong smell of gas between 350 and 370 Greenwich ave. The strongest around house # 370. And the smell of dog Feces is overwhelming in the same area.
  • 413 Howard Ave New Haven, Connecticut - Hill
    There is criminal activity going on at the corner of Cassius St and Howard Ave. I feel that it is dangerous to go in that area at night.
  • 124 Hallock Ave New Haven, CT, 06519, USA - City Point
    Please contact the owner of this house and tell them to clean up this trash, that's been in front of their house for weeks. The person who cuts the grass has completely ignored it.
  • Other Open
    21 Arthur St New Haven 06519, United States - Hill
    Fox in back yard need it removed now.
  • 41 1st St New Haven, CT, 06519, USA - City Point
    older dark blue lincoln was reported a few weeks ago was removed by owner now it was brought back on wed march 11TH the car was droped here off a flat bed tow truck the owner of the car put the car up on small jacks under the car took off the plates and left .please remove we want our street to be free from junk thank you.