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  • 217 Howard Ave New Haven, Connecticut 06519 - City Point
    There are 5+ unregistered vehicles on 217 Howard Ave; only 1 is permitted. Owner is GLENAMADDY LLC, 611 OCEAN AVENUE, D2, NEW LONDON, CT, 06320; Agent/Manager is CATHERINE M. FOLEY (who resides at 611 Ocean Av, D2, New London 06320) https://www.ctopendata.com/1162277-glenamaddy-ii-llc ALSO see https://www.concord-sots.ct.gov/CONCORD/ ***PLEASE ISSUE *DAILY* FINES!! New Haven needs the money!! (and needs fewer absentee slumlords…) THIS is a typical example of the REAL owner hiding behind an LLC: a fake 'corporation' that is the bane of every urban neighborhood--and which the State of CT needs to place severe limits on.
  • 15 Truman St New Haven Ct 06519 United States - Hill
    This commercial tractor is ILLEGALLY parked on a residential street (Truman off West) and is parked on the curbstrip. It should be heavily ticked for parking illegally AND for being on the curbstrip. The company is ARM Lines out of Illinois, but there Is no answer to the phone and voicemail box is full.
  • 172-196 Greenwich Ave New Haven, CT, 06519, USA - City Point
    To many rats do to all the trash I just moved to this neighborhood it’s going to be 3 years I love the area good potential for people to enjoy and also buy, but we need to do something we the people that don’t want to clean is bringing plaque in the neighborhood in one month I killed 20 mices they also have their backyard with tanck of gasoline that provoked a fire this past summer was terrible with the mosquito because all the tires and trash the have. We need to prevent illnesses so i am hope you can help me live a healthy live in my new home in new haven the location is before 188 greenwhich thank you
  • Congress At Howard New Haven, Connecticut - New Haven - Ward 03
    The sidewalk in front of the APT Foundation clinic on Congress Ave is always covered with litter. It seems to me that it hints that this medical facility might not care about its clients and certainly does not care about the community. How healthy is that?
  • 155 Ella T Grasso Boulevard New Haven, Connecticut - Hill
    Parents and young children gathering for our weekly flag football game met with deafening loud noise, music... not able to park in Betsy Ross school lot ... told it’s a car show .... it really was a dueling car radio show .... extremely loud.... deafening noise unfair to children, the local residents.... awful experience
  • 51 Lines St New Haven, CT, 06519, USA - Hill
    Blue Nissan 2drs no plates,lifted by a jack. Has been left on this jack for several days in front of 51 Lines Street New Haven ct. This is a huge hazard because if a child should go under while playing it could go come tumbling
  • Second Street New Haven, Connecticut - City Point
    Someone dropped a bloody mattress in the middle of Second Street between Front and East Pearl Streets. It's a traffic harard.
  • 375 Howard Ave New Haven, CT, 06519, USA - Hill
    Sams store on Kimberly Ave are and still have been Violating Covid policies put in place for in order for convenience stores to reopen. They don’t wear mask and they allow customers to come purchase items without a mask on. I spoke to the owner Ali numerous times and NOTHING has changed!!!
  • Potholes Acknowledged
    Frank Street - Hill
    In Frank Street after to Clover St it's a pothole danger people have to put orange cone piece a wood to let driver that hole it's there also at the corner off Eddie St and Frank St. please send someone to put some pavement thanks.
  • Parking ban Archived
    253-259 Howard Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - City Point
    Numerous cars parked on the odd side of Howard Ave. This happens all the time . So when the plows comes by they can only do a strip down the middle of the road. Dangerous situation for school buses and other cars. This snow ban is not being enforced on Howard Ave!!
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    109 Greenwich Ave New Haven, CT 06519, USA - City Point
    Occupants at 109 Greenwich multiple times daily let their dog out by itself to walk itself. It barks and chases every passerby and poops wherever it pleases including my yard- A LOT for a small dog. The owners are never seen and don't clean up after the dog, but let it back in when it barks at the front door.
  • Health Dept. Archived
    278 Howard Ave New Haven, CT, 06519, USA - City Point

    Resident reports Corner store is flooding area with trash and garbage. They do not have trash cans. They lack access to their dumpster due to an air conditioner blocking the gate.

    Please help. Trash is being illegally dumped next door at 68 Second Street daily. Its a major problem.