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  • Tree Trimming Archived
    63 Sea Street New Haven, CT - City Point
    Resident reports trees interfering with wires. Please inspect.
  • 34 Truman St New Haven CT 06519, United States - Hill
    Over 30 people gathered in rear of house (open area to the street) gathered for a birthday party but cars are parked on all corners in NO STANDING ANYTIME areas. Please have them at least move the cars and advise about social distance and that they must adhere to noise regulations.
  • 100 S Water St New Haven, CT 06519, USA - City Point
    SUV with boat has been parked over 72 hours without moving. License plate AG51408
  • 926 Howard Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Dwight
    The sidewalk at the c/o Howard and S. Frontage, specifically the northwest section along Howard, is in terrible shape and completely crumbling. This is a high-traffic pedestrian area that needs to be fixed as soon as possible.
  • Parks Request Archived
    54 Hallock Ave New Haven, CT 06519, USA - City Point
    very deep hole on the park side of Hallock Ave near Sixth street. Small child could get stuck or worse in this deep hole which appears to have water in it.
  • SNOW RELATED Archived
    25 Truman St New Haven CT 06519, United States - Hill
    No less than 15 cars parked on two blocks of odd side of street overnight during 'ODD SIDE OF STREET SNOW PARKING BAN' 12/16-17/20. In order to have this narrow one lane parking on both sides of street 4 block long street properly plowed, will these cars be ticketed and towed as the robo call that all other residents adhered to?
  • 121 Greenwich Ave New Haven, CT, 06519, USA - City Point
    Asphalt sidewalks are crumbling and dangerous. Most of the sidewalks on Greenwich are half mud with broken asphalt. This beautiful historic district deserves better!
  • Health Dept. Archived
    82 Elliot St. APT.2, NEW HAVEN, Connecticut - New Haven - Ward 03
    There are 9 people living in 2 bedroom apt. on second floor including newborn and toddler..Children are kept up until very late at night and cry for hours on end...I am concerned about health issues and fire safety.
  • 83/85 Howard Ave New Haven, Connecticut - City Point

    In the fall, a very large tree fell from the tree line resulting in the sidewalk being heaved up. This is a tripping hazard.
    This section of sidewalk on Howard Ave is widely used by pedestrians walking to school and residents.

    Thanks for your attention to this matter!

  • 47 Frank Street New Haven, CT - Hill
    Resident reports driveway being blocked with snow by passing plow.
  • 162 Washington Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Yale University Campus
    There is a syringe with an exposed needle underneath the trashcans in Amistad park. The trashcans are located at the Cedar St/Washington Av corner of the park.
  • Parking Ban Archived
    39 2nd Street New Haven, Connecticut - City Point
    The ban worked for most of the day..... until someone came and parked on the wrong side.... doesn’t look like any of my neighbors car either. Plows came through but couldn’t do a good job because of the 1 car left on the odd side of the street.....