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  • 88 Greenwich Ave. New Haven, Connecticut - City Point
    There are 2 speakers on tree belt. Please remove.
  • 103 Kimberly Ave. CT - Hill
    There is a mattress dumped. Please remove
  • 131 Plymouth St. CT - Hill
    There is a cabinet dumped. Please remove
  • 181 Plymouth St. CT - Hill
    There is a rug dumped. Please remove
  • 155 Spring St CT - Hill
    There are 2 TVs dumped. Please remove
  • Edgar Street New Haven, Connecticut - Hill
    There is a broken door dumped. Please remove on the corner of Putnam and Edgar
  • 122 Carlisle Street CT - Hill
    There is a broken chair dumped. Please remove
  • 25 Button St CT - Hill
    There is a TV dumped. Please remove
  • 47 Stevens Street New Haven, Connecticut - New Haven - Ward 03
    There is bulk trash dumped. Please remove
  • 500 Congress Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - New Haven - Ward 03
    A "No Parking Anytime" sign has broken off at the base near the ground. Just want to notify you because it is a tripping hazard of the metal that is left in the sidewalk. Also I really don't want to stand it up anywhere because someone can knock it over and cause person/property damage. please contact Nick at Yale Maintenance at 203-584-4461. This broken sign is directly in front of my office at 500 Congress Ave New Haven CT. thanks!
  • 119-131 West Street New Haven, CT - Hill
    Resident reports that trash on the entire block between West Lane and Thorn Street was not collected. Please investigate and address.
  • Potholes Archived
    Washington Avenue New Haven, CT - Hill
    On Washington Avenue, from West Street to Columbus Avenue, there are numerous potholes that need patching. Please address.