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  • Unsanitary Archived
    350-370 Greenwich Ave New Haven, CT - City Point
    There are always mice and or rats going into the back of those houses starting at # 370. On Garbage day the amount of garbage overflowing is bringing more animals to the street. It's not properly stored in containers, it's overflowing. There is also a strong smell of gas between 350 and 370 Greenwich ave. The strongest around house # 370. And the smell of dog Feces is overwhelming in the same area.
  • 98 S Water St New Haven 06519, United States - City Point
    Car here for two days. No permit. Needs to be towed
  • 41 1st St New Haven, CT, 06519, USA - City Point
    older dark blue lincoln was reported a few weeks ago was removed by owner now it was brought back on wed march 11TH the car was droped here off a flat bed tow truck the owner of the car put the car up on small jacks under the car took off the plates and left .please remove we want our street to be free from junk thank you.
  • 28 Harbour Close New Haven, CT 06519, USA - City Point
    so disappointed ☹️ to find the public walkway is closed due to needed repairs--rotten boards need to be replaced.
  • Tree Removal Archived
    40 First St New Haven, Connecticut - City Point
    Dead Tree Trunk Going to Fall Over. Rotted, Bugs, etc.
  • 333 Cedar St New Haven, Connecticut - New Haven - Ward 03
    Content blocked by rejections
  • 80 First St New Haven, Connecticut 06519 - City Point
    Black Mercedes has out-of-state (Texas) expired temporary registration. Has been parked on First St, between Greenwich & Howard Aves, for over a year. Owner is not paying New Haven car tax that’s due. Needs to be ticketed and booted. “The First Street Illegal Car Zone™: where unregistered vehicles are totally ignored!”
  • 15 Truman St New Haven 06519 United States - Hill
    This commercial tractor has been parked on a residential street for 2 days. And it has been regularly parking at this area. Please send parking enforcement to have it cited as it is illegal to park a commercial tractor in a residential neighborhood.
  • 41 First St New Haven, Connecticut - City Point
    large 53 ft trailor trunk red cab owned by shusster from iowa has began to park on first st between howard ave and hallock avd just past 41 first st. th\ey parked here over the thanksgiving hoiliday stayed 5 days now its back here again since fri nov 30th the ower must understand its a violation to park comm vehicles in this area police please take notice thank you
  • 77 First St. New Haven, Connecticut 06519 - City Point
    Green and white BMW with Vermont plate (rear only) has been parked on First St, between Greenwich & Howard Aves for over a year. Should have been registered in CT many, many months ago. Owner is not paying New Haven car tax that’s due. Needs to be ticketed and booted. “Are you upset with the way New Haven wastes your tax dollars on silly things like road repair, street sweeping, education, police & fire protection? Now you can stop paying those wasted taxes! Just park your illegally-registered-out-of-state car at The First Street Illegal Car Zone™ where ticketing, booting & towing are a thing of the past!”
  • Lamberton Street New Haven, Connecticut - Hill
    First off, the "speed bump" was situated behind a pole, obstructing the sign. A subsequent sign had to be put up. Secondly, every other speed bump I've encountered in other zip codes had the markings on the speed bump. Why does this zip code simply get a black hump, which cannot be seen at night. Where are the markings?!
  • 660 Howard Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - New Haven - Ward 03
    This store sells hot meals, it’s filthy in and out. Mold growing in the coolers that don’t seem to cool to temperature. The floors, walls, counters... with dirt piled up. Please drop by