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  • 401-451 Perry St Trenton, NJ 08618, USA - Battle Monument
    Perry Street from Warren to the police station is riddled with ridiculous monster size pot holes and craters. My car is 7 years old and everything in it shakes from driving on Perry St everyday. FIX IT!!!!!!!!
  • 130 Sweets Trenton, NJ 08638, USA - Battle Monument
    There is lot of gang activity , noise (fighting) and underage public drinking at this address..I believe house is low income, isnt this inspected or something on a regular basis.. Im sick of it
  • Park Ave Trenton, NJ 08608, USA - Villa Park
    Lives on corner of centennial and park ave. Shady/Scummy People(addicts) in and out of residentance. Person is in and out of their place frequently possibly selling hard drugs. Making neighborhood very unsafe. Good families live on park ave and shouldnt have to go put up with the non sense. Several people have complained already this needs to stop. Person is also stealing from lots of people. There needs to be a watch for this person. Drives a pontiac sunfire(black) and is a known Crip gang member. Families and the public are not safe with this person around. Also known to be armed and dangerous. YES PEOPLE ARMED WITH GUNS. Lets get this creep off of the streets and behind bars.
  • 99 Mechanics Ave Trenton, NJ 08638, USA - East Trenton
    I reported this before to animal police but nothing was done. The dog is on chain and lies on old mattress from winter to summer all day long. He looks skinner and skinner every day and no one cares about that dog.
  • 736 Liberty St Trenton, NJ 08611, USA - Chambersburg
    I am a resident and I can't even enjoy opening my window for FRESH air because 3-5 people from Conte's Saloon will be outside Smoking and all the smoke fills my living room. Not to mention on numerous other occasions the smell of marijuana as guys will freely stand or sit on stoop and smoke their weed. Can anything be done about this??
  • 346 Emory Ave Trenton, NJ 08611, USA - Chambersburg
    Loud bar and late night pedestrian traffic
    Loud spanish/mexican bar late hours.
    Late spanish walkers drunk and loud leaving bar . . .
  • 76 Anderson St - Chambersburg
    we live on anderson st and there is an illegal rooming house located at # 76, i and my neighbors were happy recently when the city finally cracked down forcing the owner to close it and put that big beautiful tag on the front door, well today is October 16,2010 not even a month after the inspector was there and this person is up to the same old tricks.she had a sign in the window listing rooms for rent and now there must be 6 people living in the upstairs portion this time around coming and going at all hours.
    our calls to the city seem to be falling on deaf ears and we sure hope the trentonian fix it can get something done with this slumlord.
    if this person has a license the city SHOULD REVOKE IT!
  • 1008-1010 Chestnut Ave Trenton, NJ 08611, USA - Chambersburg
    Drug Dealers and Gang members sitting in the wide open all day long,can't even walk by,kids can't play in front of their own house and as far as I see Police and Tac are doing nothing!!! Can't even get though to the Tip hot line and it's only getting worse!!
  • 404 Market St Trenton, NJ 08611, USA - Mill Hill
    the pedestrain light does not work.
  • 344-346 Rusling St Trenton, NJ 08611, USA - Chambersburg

    I'm guessing that this dwelling has up to 8 adults living in it, plus children.

    There is a unit air conditioner in a basement window, which suggests an illegal basement bedroom.

    There is no City of Trenton sticker on this property, which suggests that this dwelling is not properly registered with the City as a rental unit.

    Sombody fix this!!!

  • 1020 So. Broad St. - Chambersburg
    Around 1020 So. Broad St., prostitutes walking up and down and alot of drug activity in the area.
  • 310 Ardmore Trenton, Nj 08629 - Wilbur
    Young man lives here deal drugs all day all night. Usually goes to nearby corner and gets in buyers car and makes deal and gets dropped off on another corner. Not sure how this guy continues to deal drugs under the nose of everyone, including the police. There are good people in this neighborhood, and this guy is gonna get someone killed. Drugs and violence go hand in hand.