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  • Stray Cats Archived
    260 Bellevue Ave Trenton, NJ 08618, USA - Stuyvesant-Prospect
    We have lots of cats in our area. A lady who doesn't live in our area comes in and feeds them. The police have been called and I think she was even given a citation for it but now she sends someone else to feed them.
  • 250-270 North Willow Street Trenton, New Jersey - North 25
    The entire roadway located in front of this public housing poses a safety risk to all residents who inhabit the building & to all the motorists who drive on it. Someone is going to get hurt due to the deteriorated condition of the street. Whether it's a pedestrian falling due to the unleveled/cracked street or potholes, or a motorist colliding with a pedestrian from swerving to avoid the potholes. This road is a hazard to all pedestrians & motorists who use it on a daily basis.
  • 444 West Hanover Street Trenton, NJ - Central West
    cars and people waiting in empty lot for drugs
  • robbery Open
    S Cook Ave Trenton, New Jersey - Wilbur
    Why the police never , never been see this area patrolling?
  • Roebling Ave Trenton, NJ - Chambersburg
    Cars/trucks are constantly speeding down this block. Specifically the 800 block. This is a highly populated residential area with many children. People are driving recklessly, speeding, and knocking off side view mirrors and just driving off. Im tired of coming out and seeing mine or anyone elses glass shattered on the ground. The city need a speed bump in this area..last year my step son was hit my a car and this week my mirror was knocked off 2x in a week...
  • Elmhurst Ave And Rosemont Ave - Greenwood And Hamilton
    when you come off of rosemont and in front of elmhurst there is a huge deep uneven hole that badly needs to be repaired we have drivers all day long speeding down on elmhurst and objects are falling off there vechiles.please fix
  • So. Warren St. Near Lafayette St. Trenton, NJ - Downtown
    Traveling on S.Warren and driving by the Marriott entrance to the parking garage (on left) all cars illegally parked in front of Dept. of Health and Human Services. Does not allow for cars traveling straight on S.Warren to Lafayette to travel. You are at a stop because cars are blocking the way for travelers to go around cars entering the parking garage. All cars should be ticketed. A police office should be stationed there.
  • 1-59 Kersey Alley Trenton, NJ 08609, USA - Ewing And Carroll
    These vagrants broke into the back of the apartment buildings at the end of Carroll street by the church. They already stole all of the copper out of one of the house and broke in another one. You would think that being so close to the Federal Courthouse Building it would be safe but guess not. I wish the city would have listened when I asked them a year ago. Im 65yrs old and its a problem waking up to loud noise at 3am to see them in and out my neighbors yard. They just tore his gat down and broke in. Wish they never cut the police force, them maybe they could protect us from this.
  • 1106 E State St Trenton, NJ 08609, USA - Wilbur
  • 49 S Walter Ave Trenton, NJ 08609, USA - Wilbur
  • 71 Hillcrest Ave Trenton, NJ 08618, USA - Cadwalader And Hillcrest
    Copper piping stolen out of 71 Hillcrest (family home) just b4 Thanksgiving. NO HEAT in house. SICK AND DISGUSTING COMMUNITY.
  • 15-17 Bismarck Trenton, NJ - Villa Park
    drug dealers lots of late night traffic