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  • 69 Dunham St Trenton, NJ 08618 - Stuyvesant-Prospect
    Everyday I sit out back and watch and wait. I watch the cars speed from Dunham St onto Rolling Dr like it's a race track. There is no concept that children are playing in their backyard. There is no speed limit or kids at play signs, or at best speed bumps. Frankly, Dunham St should be closed back off. But that's another topic. There is a strong need for gates at the Catherine Graham Townhomes. The lack of respect of people property is clearly evident from the amount of trash thrown about and the enormous amount of foot traffic daily. Dog poop on our lawns is horrible.
  • 100-118 Butler Street Trenton, NJ 08608, USA - Downtown
  • Between 907 And 915 Lyndale Ave Trenton, NJ 08629, USA - Villa Park
    This single lot was purchased by a man who lives in Seaside. He built a 6' Stockade fence around it and does not maintain it in any way. The weeds are already over the top of the fence. Last year I called City Hall no less than a dozen times and he was not issued a summons until September. I can't use my backyard because of the bugs drawn by this mess.
  • 112 Lee Avenue trenton, nj 08618 - The Island
    At 112 Lee Avenue the boarded up home has people living there. We need police or other city services to get them out.
  • 118 Butler Street Trenton, NJ 08611, USA - Chambersburg
    heavy set male age about 25-29 ,bout 6 feet ,
  • 929 Rossell Ave Trenton, NJ 08638, USA - North Trenton
    large crowd of men standing around all day selling drugs,loud it make no sense for men to get up early in the am until late at night
  • 1583 Chestnut Ave Trenton, NJ 08611, USA - Chestnut Park
    Too many drugs activities in front of kids and no law enforcement to stop it. This is an on going problem in our community. Its a shame that even with stiff penalty for drug use or distribution feets away from school or playgroung, there is no officers around to make arrest.
  • New Jersey 129 Trenton, NJ 08611, USA - Mill Hill
    What does it take to get some occasional mowing of the pubic space along route 1? DOT can manage to mow Route 1 in Lawrence and Princeton...but can't seem to manage it in Trenton. This whole area is filthy. Come on DOT!
  • 5 Winter St Trenton, NJ 08618, USA - Central West
    Empty lot at corner of Winter and Summer st is overgrown with weeds. Property has become dumping ground for all kinds of trash.
  • Intersection Of Ardmore And Gladstone Avenues - Wilbur

    There is a dangerous intersection at the corner of Ardmore and Gladstone Avenues. The 2 stop signs on Ardmore Avenue are often ignored on a daily basis because the signs are blocked by tree branches. Obviously, this is extremely dangerous if someone is traveling on Gladstone Avenue, which does not have a stop sign. The local school is one block away, so there is a heavy volume of children in this area.

    This problem needs to be fixed TODAY! The East Trenton district of the TPD is only a block away...and I'm certain they are unaware of this issue. The City of Trenton needs to come out and chop down those trees before someone gets into a bad vehicle accident.

  • 160 S Broad St Trenton, NJ 08608, USA - Mill Hill
    City replaced the light pole in front of 160 So Broad St, but never replaced the handicapped parking sign that was attached to the old pole. Saw TPD giving tickets out to legally parked handicapped cars. Is this a Mack scam to raise more $$$ for the city?
  • Elmer Avenue At Rte 129 - Chambersburg
    On Monday there was another series of break-ins into vehicles parked in the Hamilton Avenue Riverline Parking Lot. This follows break-ins in August, July, June....... We need regular police patrols by NJ Transit and Trenton and some cameras installed that cover the two lots!