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  • Drunks Open
    71 Pine St Montclair, NJ 07042, USA - Montclair
    Get the drunks off the corner of Pine and Glen Ridge Aves....
  • Jefferson Ave. And Maplewood Ave. Maplewood, NJ 07040 - Maplewood
  • 1 Maplewood Avenue Maplewood NJ - Maplewood
    I was disappointed to hear that the Maplewood town council had considered a ban on leaf blowers but then backed down. They say that they want a green town -- here is their chance to do something. Get rid of these noisy, polluting, dust-blowing nuisances! Rakes work just fine, don't use any gasoline, don't pollute, and make almost no noise!
  • Glen Ave Millburn - Millburn
    The new speed humps along the south border of South Mountain reservation are too high. The speed limit is 25 and I think that was reasonable. I can also see why they were put in, to stop people from cruising across the intersection at 35 or more and not letting people in. But you can't take the humps at any more than 15. This is a waste of brakes and gas and will accumulate exhaust in those areas.
  • 50 Tuscan Rd Maplewood, NJ 07040 - Maplewood
    pushes children off the sidewalk as they are walking to school
  • Dodd Street West Orange, NJ - Orange
    Not only are there huge dips in the road, but there's an orange cone marking a pothole that would wreck the car, and now some of the roadbed is exposed near Washington Street and Dodd Street intersection. When will this be repaired? We have been driving on the road in these conditions for years... literally years!
  • 54 Bridge St Newark, NJ 07102, USA - Central Business District
    If a pedestrian presses the cross walk button it changes the cycle to green for 30 seconds & red for 1 minute, instead of being green for 1 minute also. I guess the logic is the pedestrian doesn't have to wait a whole minute to cross. Well considering a lot of pedestrians cross there between 8:00-9:30AM, including me, the light is red significantly longer than green on a 6 lane road with the button frequently being pushed. It's causing a traffic nightmare & this is the slow season. This was just changed in June & by the next day traffic was backed up all the way to the beginning of McCarter Hwy. In September it will be backed up to Belleville once schools are back. Then once the Devils & Nets season comes around in Oct, night time will be just as bad. This is the intersection of McCarter Hwy & Bridge St in Newark & is causing quite the back up when you come into Newark from Rt.21 S.
  • Corner Of 5th And Valley St South Orange, NJ 07079 - South Orange
    It is impossible to cross Valley Street to go to Memorial Park. No one stops at the cross walk and when people do other cars just go around them. We really need a light there that would only be activated when someone want to cross the street
  • State Rte 3 Clifton, NJ - Clifton
    The Valley Rd bridge over Rts 3 & 46 should be replaced to improve the merger in both directions. This is a perenial bottleneck and is dangerous.
  • Mission Street Montclair, NJ 07042, USA - Montclair
    Park a police car on this corner, put out a net and scoop up the dozens of criminals that commit violent crimes every single day. Seriously, what does it take before the MPD makes this area a priority? Does someone have to die first?
  • 562 Grove St clifton, NJ - Clifton
    I don't like to complain, i am new to clifton, but the homeowner at this address has halloween decorations hanging from street trees, telephone poles, and even tied to some of the power lines. couldn't this bring down or damage things? isn't that illegal? i am concerned that we will lose power or phone service especially if we have a bad storm.
  • 330 Upper Mountain Ave Montclair, NJ 07043, USA - Montclair
    tight street, grooves in sides, you have to slow down and go around them, and then theres traffic coming the other way.