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  • 138 Bloomfield Ave Nutley, NJ 07110, USA - Nutley
    Potholes start from Plymonth Rd/Bloomfield ave to Centre St. Numerous potholes
  • 492-498 Grove St Clifton, NJ 07013, USA - Clifton
    Is the County/ DOT ever going to repair the portion of Grove Street between the Rt3 overpass and E Gate Street? Getting off Rt3 W at Grove Street is a nightmare because of the growing number of potholes.
  • 330 Upper Mountain Ave Montclair, NJ 07043, USA - Montclair
    tight street, grooves in sides, you have to slow down and go around them, and then theres traffic coming the other way.
  • 565 Grove St Clifton, NJ - Clifton

    The noise in williamsburg north condos and I assume south and the townhouses is getting ridiculous from rt 3 and lately its really bad at all times of the day. Huge tractor trailers traveling too fast to the 2 lane merge and dangerous curve onto rt 46 constantly throw on their jigg breaks that shakes my whole house. I have several ideas 1) a sound barrier wall along rt 3, which also could avoid a drunk or sleeping driver from plowing into our pool or complex parking lot and killing someone. it would also improve the view from our pool imo since nj highways arent exactly eye candy.

    My 2nd idea is maybe a little radical but could even set a new trend and that is a "NO JIGG BREAK ZONE" and instead make the speed limit lower aproaching the rt 46 merge and give tickets for usage like they do for honking in NYC. This of course wouldnt help with the motorcycles that go by all night with no tail pipes which also sound like an airplane taking off. I guess only the wall would help with that.

    Reducing the speed limit near the parkway down to 40mph could also help, and may be the cheapest and easiest and might even prevent accidents from the terrible merge.

    Its just not fair that I cant keep my windows open and smell the fall air because I will be awoken from my sleep all night.

    And yes i know i moved next to a highway but i assure you in the past years its gotten way worse the jigg break usage has gone way up and the motorcycles without mufflers has gone way up, idk why.

  • 676 Grove St Montclair, NJ 07043, USA - Montclair
    a giant slab of concrete- that no one walks on- at least a few shrubs would add something to it.
  • down trees Archived
    Runnymede Road west caldwell, new jersey - West Caldwell
    It's been how long since the storm? Three weeks? Well by looks of Runnymede Road in W. Caldwell, it looks as if it happened yesturday without a truck in sight to clean up the ruins. This is a busy street with children walking to and from school, which puts them at risk of getting hit by a car that is simply just trying to pull out of their driveway to go to work. This is a disgrace!
  • 150 Claremont Ave Montclair, NJ 07042, USA - Montclair

    This intersection is a primary crossing for pedestrians to go to/from Walnut Train Station in the rush hour. Cars SPEED down Claremont Ave and almost never stop for peds. to cross.

    It is difficult and dangerous to try to make it across this street. Traffic calming, better crosswalks and signage may help but it really needs enforcement.

  • 131 Claremont Ave Montclair, NJ 07042, USA - Montclair
    This intersection (Greenwood and Claremont) needs stop signs for Claremont Ave. No one ever stops for pedestrians in the crosswalk. This is a main route for people walking back and forth to the Walnut street train station. Either that or enforce the yield to pedestrian law. This location would be a big moneymaker for a crosswalk violation sting operation.
  • Fairfield Road-Market Street - Wayne
    Potholes making your drive a nightmare? Navigate to it on the map and report it here
  • Grove St Between Holster Park And Rte 3 - Clifton
    When is the re-paving work on Grove St going to be finished?? I saw Broad street chopped up and repaved within days. This section of Grove St, between Holster Park and Route 3, has been 'under construction' for well over a month... creating local traffic and unsafe driving conditions, especially at night.
  • 257 Audley St South Orange, New Jersey - South Orange
    Catch basin has clogged up again and the asphalt around the grate has collapsed. See attached photo (there has been overflowing/standing water on top if the grate for over 2-3 weeks). Please fix asap! This catch basin is the sump pump drain for 257 & 263 Audley St.
  • 26 S Orange Ave South Orange, NJ 07079 - South Orange