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  • 38 Glenwood Dr Millburn, NJ 07078 - Millburn
    The intersection of Gelnwood Dr and Wellington Avenue is extremely dangerous and should have a stop sign.
  • 977 Bloomfield Ave Clifton, NJ 07012, USA - Clifton
    Several potholes on Bloomfield ave. Right by home depot. Impossible to avoid the potholes as they are numerous and in both lanes going south .
  • 46 Mckinley Avenue - Morris County
    Police Officers and Town Officials...Please..Please slow the vehicles down on the street. We have many children enjoying themselves outdoors.
  • 432 Ocean Ave Jersey City Nj 07305 - Greenville
    They installed these very bright lights that shine right into my house all night long
  • Reservoir Drive And Normal Ave Montclair Nj Montclair, NJ - Cedar Grove
    Where Reservoir Drive meets Normal Ave there are 3-4 enormous potholes that need to be fixed. They are all on the side of the road traveling toward Ridge Rd. and often times drivers will swerve onto the wrong side of the road to avoid them and nearly cause accidents with oncoming traffic.
  • huge pothole Archived
    101-199 Main Ave Clifton, NJ 07014, USA - Clifton
    There's a rather large pothole located right in front of the Limo Ride building, across the street from the Kohl's and CVS mall. It's at the stoplight in the right lane by the curb. It's been there a while and getting worse.
  • 887 Allwood Road Clifton, NJ - Clifton
    Two large potholes will either destroy a tire(s) or cause driver to swerve into left lane causing an accident.
  • 564-592 Grove St Clifton, NJ 07013, USA - Clifton
    I see the note about fixing pot holes on Grove St closer to the Montclair border. I hope they will also attend to this section of Grove on either side of Rte 3. Please!
  • 155 River Rd Clifton, NJ 07014, USA - Clifton
    This road is just a mess. They did a bunch of work and an left an awful repair patch job.
  • 325 Passaic Avenue Kearny, New Jersey - Kearny
    I am an incoming freshman to Kearny High School and also an avid hockey player. My friends and I frequently visit the Hockey field, which is part of the “Riverbank Park Hockey Facility” located on Passaic Ave, Kearny New Jersey. In our recent visits, we’ve noticed how unkempt and neglected the field is. There are weeds and plants growing in the corners and alongside the boards of the rink. The benches are filled with trash and disposed products such as water bottles, paper cups, napkins, plastic bags, and many more. All the trash also attracts swarms of flies and other insects to fly around all over the benches and rinks. The advertisements and posters put up on the boards are all faded, parts are scratched off, and have graffiti on them, which gives the rink a somewhat trashy appearance. There are also small mounds of dirt, leaves, and trash on the rink itself, which can get in the way of a hockey game and can also mess up players shoes and or skates. There are also numerous cracks on the rink, although they seem small and harmless my skates have stopped over the cracks causing me to trip or fall. The only two goals are also ripped with holes in them and even torn off from the pipes, which the foundation of the goal is made from. Also if all these problems weren't bad enough, there are also people playing soccer on the rink as well. From the many soccer fields kearny has, people still manage to play soccer on the only hockey rink in Kearny. For example, me and a few other of my friends went down to play Hockey we encountered a group of people playing soccer on the rink. We politely asked them even to just share the rink, they said no and told us we could not play. Just to add, the rink also has a rule that says only hockey should be played on the rink, not soccer or any other sport. I would like a resolve to clean up the hockey rink, thank you for your time and consideration.
  • Eisenhower Parkway Livingston, NJ - Livingston
    Although the speed limit on the stretch of Eisenhower Parkway between Columbia Turnpike and Route 10 is supposedly 50 mph, there are no speed limit signs in either direction. This is hazardous because you have some people going only 35-40 mph, and some going 50-55.
  • 12 Sheffield Road Summit, New Jersey - Summit