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  • 1300 Jefferson Ave Woodlyn, PA 19094, USA - Woodlyn
    I love this shop!! And to ensure a better parking experience for the customers and residents of the building, I think painting lines in the parking lot would help get the most out of the lot and it would prevent people from taking up 2 parking spots with one vehicle, and parking awkwardly. Don't most parking lots have painted lines? Please fix this!
  • 825-1039 7th Ave Swarthmore, PA 19081, USA - Woodlyn
    7th ave in swarthmore by grace park elementary is not a freeway! There is half a block between the stop sign at schoolside & 7th and the stop sign at 7th & grace parks entrance - YET people drive that going speeds in excess of 30mph even tho there is a dangerous curve in the middle ! There are kids on this street! Wish we could get a speed bump in the road - I'd even allow it at my driveway !
  • 1300 Jefferson Ave Woodlyn, PA 19094, USA - Woodlyn
    My neighbors throw their trash out their window into the dumpster from the second floor of this address. It's a health hazard and they also walk their little dog and it poops all over and they never bag it. I have called my landlord he tells them they say they wont do it again and bam next day their right back at it.
  • Macdade Blvd & Morton Ave Folsom, PA 19033, USA - Woodlyn
    The turning lane light during rush hour needs to be extended. As it stands, ony 2-3 cars can get through during the green and another 2 can get through on the yellow, when cars are suppossed to be stopping. This intersection is a major path for commuters to get to the blue route and is a crossing for students during the school year. Cars always run the yellow and red light here because they risk being late for work if you don't time it perfectly. Please try and extend it another 30 seconds just to let a few more cars through and allow them to make LEGAL turns in the morning. It would be safer for pedestrians and motorists alike!
  • Old Virgo Location Across From Acme Shopping Center - Woodlyn
    These 2 lots are a disgrace. The grass & bushes are getting overgrown and now PECO and other trucks are parking there in the mornings. Why is Ridley Township allowing this to happen? Call them @ 610-534-4800.
  • 116 Fairview Rd Woodlyn, PA 19094, USA - Woodlyn
    There are 3 dogs at this property that are outside all the time. They bark non-stop, run off their leashes and chase people walking down the street. The police and borough have been notified several times, but they do nothing. They are a nuisance and safety issue.
  • 600 Block Of 7th Ave Swarthmore, PA 19081, USA - Woodlyn
    the 7th ave section between grace park school & milmont ave gets severly flooded! we stand outside & signal motorists not to drive thru but they continue anyways ! The wake from the cars causes the water to break thru our garage doors & go into our recroom ! I have attached 2 pics -1 looking out my front door the water is 3ft deep min and the 2nd pic is of our backyard toys are floating around as you can see
  • 301-399 Ohio Ave Folsom, PA 19033, USA - Woodlyn
    parking on Ohio Ave is dangerous to all. There is not enough space for patrons to safely park on the side of the building. Parking should be in the rear only. There are tons of close calls, the owner should address this and the township too. Those turning in from Macdade and those backing out of there spots without looking.
  • 1500-1526 Parklane Rd Swarthmore, PA 19081, USA - Woodlyn
    Been there for years. Keep bottoming out the car in it. Right near the intersection of Michigan and Park Lane.
  • 1400 Macdade Blvd - Woodlyn
    People need to stop using the shoulder to exit off the blue route onto macdade blvd. someone is gpoing to get hurt. the cars fly up the shoulder to get off the exit.
  • Off-Ramp From I95n/On-Ramp To 476n - Woodlyn
    Someone (Ridley Twp.? Penndot?) put plastic highway dividers up to prevent people coming off of 95N onto MacDade Blvd. from cutting ACROSS MacDade to get into the turn lane for 476N. They either need to be replaced, or something better has to be put in their place, because people still constantly cut across MacDade Blvd. to the turn lane for 476. It slows traffic coming off of 95N and creates a driving hazard on MacDade Blvd.
  • Vauclain Ave Woodlyn, PA - Woodlyn
    Maybe if the township put a stop sign at the corner of morris and vauclain it wouldn't be such a great shortcut. speeding occurs and lots of drunk drivers coming from 3 area bars to avoid macdade blvd.crashing into neighbors cars at least 6 times a year. and new street lights might help my flashlight is brighter