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  • 1400 Chester Pike Crum Lynne, PA 19022, USA - Woodlyn
    The light will not trip when making a left turn from Smiley Street onto Chester Pike.
    To add insult to injury, they install a no turn on red sign, so now you can't go left or right...
  • 241 Randall St Ridley, PA 19022, USA - Woodlyn
    Read summary. Ridley Twp doesnt even enforce their own codes for maintenance, trash. Houses are falling down, trash in the streets back yards unmowed, etc. We need Ridley code to do their job!
  • 1936 W Macdade Blvd Woodlyn, PA 19094, USA - Woodlyn
    The Traffic light at the Woodlyn Shopping Center should be on a sensor. It is always red for Macdade Blvd coming into Ridley from Chester at 4am when there is no one there in the middle of the night.
  • Off-Ramp From I95n/On-Ramp To 476n - Woodlyn
    Someone (Ridley Twp.? Penndot?) put plastic highway dividers up to prevent people coming off of 95N onto MacDade Blvd. from cutting ACROSS MacDade to get into the turn lane for 476N. They either need to be replaced, or something better has to be put in their place, because people still constantly cut across MacDade Blvd. to the turn lane for 476. It slows traffic coming off of 95N and creates a driving hazard on MacDade Blvd.
  • Bullens Lane N Of Chester Pk - Woodlyn
    There are no street lights at all on Bullens Lane north of Chester Pike. This is a wooded area and is completely dark and unsafe for the many people walking to and from MacDade Blvd at night.
  • 825-1039 7th Ave Swarthmore, PA 19081, USA - Woodlyn
    From the hours of 10pm - 1am , our normally quiet street becomes a race track for motorcycles / speed bikes. Last night especially, around 1130 there were 4 of them that raced around the area. We could hear them coming & its very loud especially when 1-you have young children sleeping & 2- when you have to get up at 4am for work! Something needs to be done! If its not motorists breezing thru the stops signs during the day-now its racing bikes at night!
  • 1401-1499 Michigan Ave Swarthmore, PA 19081, USA - Woodlyn
    Michigan ave. is the road to Blackrock park, and like clock work during football or baseball seasons the people fly down Michigan ave to get there kids to practice and games. Have respect for the homeowners and their children on that block and drive likes its your own. Thanks!
  • Blue route Archived
    I476 - Woodlyn
    The blue route needs to be finished. It's configuration came about because of compromise with some groups in Swathmore and Nether Providence. It didn't work so lets finish it.
    The infrastructure for the highway is mostly in place already. In terms of highway construction money goes it would be pocket change to finish.
    Making it 3 lanes would probably alleviate northbound backups . As for southbound it would certainly help until you get to 95 which is scheduled for improvements in the 12 year highway plan that takes up to 50 years to implement.
  • Haverford And Crum Lynn Road - Woodlyn
    Cars coming sown Haverford NEVER stop they just turn....If you are coming up from Crum Lynn and Turning left you could easily DIE at this corner. Brush needs trimmed back but mostly people need to heed the Stop Sign
  • Holland & Hollis Crum Lynne PA - Woodlyn
    I thought the Penn Hills eyesore was going to be demolished this past Spring. Why are they still there? They are a disgrace.
  • 1400 Greenway Rd Swarthmore, PA 19081, USA - Woodlyn
    Why is there even a stop sign here? I don't even thing there's enough traffic on these roads to justify a sign here. Its a complete waste of gas and time. Remove this gaudy red octagon will ya?!
  • 1593-1651 Chester Pike Woodlyn, PA 19022, USA - Woodlyn
    There is always trash at the Septa bus stop on the Ridley Township side of Chester Pike at the office building acroos from Walmart.