Ridley Township

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  • Crum Lynne PA 19022, USA - Woodlyn
    There is a house on this block of Haverford Road that has late night drunken karaoke parties past 1am, 2am even 3am. When you try to discuss it with them they just ignore you. I know that the Ridley PD has better things to be doing at that hours, like Drunk Driving, then handling nuisance complaints. Would be nice if they would just turn it down....
  • Eisenhower Ave Woodlyn, PA 19094, USA - Woodlyn
    5:30 a.m. wake-ups by your extremely loud motorcycle (that sounds like it's on its last leg, which is probably why you run it for so long, revving the engine to keep it going) is not necessary. Fix your bike so you can hop on and go, instead of letting it run for 10 mins waking up the entire neighborhood!
  • 420 Ohio Avenue Milmont Park, PA, PA - Woodlyn
    teenage children have multiple visitors with multiple vehicles that (loiter) play illegally loud radios with obnoxious bass at 7am daily while beeping a horn several times . These vehicles also do this after 10pm daily. A very loud truck also idles outside daily during late hours. Inconsiderate disturbance to others.
  • Woodlyn PA 19094, USA - Woodlyn
    A car has been parked at the corner of Garfield and Haverford Road for at least 2 months. It is difficult for the flow of traffic in both directions.
  • Crum Lynne PA 19022, USA - Woodlyn
    Ridley Township woods lost & animals displaced to eyesore of a run down golf range. Owner should be made to clean it up and make use of the property/
  • 1929 Macdade Blvd Woodlyn, PA - Woodlyn
    The bridge has been out coming from 22nd street (crossing Ridley Creek) for like a year or 2 now, and ironically they changed the yield left turn on green permitted to a Red arrow that stops you from turning left even though straight traffic can continue. This is backwards, because now there IS NO traffic coming from the opposite direction (the bridge is out), and I'm sitting there wasting gas every single time I try to come home waiting for the light to change to a green arrow. People are cutting through the gas station (by going straight, making a right, then another right) to avoid waiting, because it is that pointless. If everyone is doing this, then the light pattern is flawed, not the people trying to get home from work. Why can't a left turn be permitted on green, especially when no one is even coming straight from the other direction now!?
  • Folsom PA 19033, USA - Woodlyn
    There is a street light out on 420 across the street from where the Rite Aid used to be. It is very dark at night when the store lights go out
  • Smiley Street Near Entrance To Park Crum Lynne, PA, USA - Woodlyn
    Maroon Ford Contour, flat tire and then some. Hasn't moved all winter, expired tags
  • Fairview Road Woodlyn, Pennsylvania - Woodlyn
    Can someone dispatch the street-sweeper to remove the thousands of cigarette butts along the center curb of the left-turn lane on westbound MacDade approaching Fairview?
  • pot hole road Archived
    201 Crum Creek Dr. Woodlyn Pa 19094 - Woodlyn
    The entire intersection at Bartram Avenue and Island Road is one big mess of pot holes and horizontal gulleys as you cross the intersection. What is the mayor waiting for?
  • 200 Block Of Crum Creek Drive Woodlyn - Woodlyn
    Illegal parking in the 200 block of Crum Creek Drive. There is only parking on ONE side of the street. People park right by the signs that states it is prohibited. Also, they park commercial vehicles, large flatbeds on the street.
  • Street light Archived
    1236 Jefferson Ave Woodlyn, PA - Woodlyn
    the first street light on Jefferson Ave two doors down from 1236 toward Fairview road is out. Whole corner is dark and dangerous for cars and people walking their pets at night.