Ridley Township

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  • 107 Chester Ave Folsom, PA 19033, USA - Woodlyn
    The water in the back yard has been there for months, there are mosquitos all over the adjacent yards.
  • 411 Milmont Ave Milmont Park, PA 19033, USA - Woodlyn
    Residents parking on side walk tearing up the grass, residents parking on grass on their lawn, approximately 10 cars in the driveway and on the street. It appears that a car repair business is run from the residence.
  • 1300 Macdade Blvd Woodlyn, PA 19094, USA - Woodlyn
    There are two abandoned trucks parked in the parking lot behind the MacDade Crossing Shopping Center. There are piles of used tires in the backs of both trucks. It looks like @#$% & I'm sure the neighbors wish someone would get rid of them.
  • Stop Sign Archived
    514 Crum Lynne Rd Ridley Park, PA 19078, USA - Woodlyn
    People ignore stop sign at the bridge. They make left turns on to the bridge, totally ignoring the stop sign. There are people coming off the bridge who have to slam on their brakes because they are trying to make a left turn off the bridge.
  • Hood And Parklane Road Swarthmore, PA - Woodlyn
    Two months ago a tow truck left a large black truck with a company logo on it. Someone was working on it and it has been sitting there blocking the view of anybody turning right off of Hood Road. Is this truck abandoned, who owns the truck?
  • Fairview Ave And Harper Ave Woodlyn, PA 19094, USA - Woodlyn
    The hedges that line the front of the house at the corner of Harper and Fairview should be removed or drastrically trimmed. While trying to turn from Harper onto Fairview (no matter if it's a right or left turn), you need to go so far out onto Fairview to see if anything is coming from MacDade Blvd. Accident waiting to happen!
  • 145 Crum Creek Drive Woodlyn, Pennsylvania - Woodlyn
    It's a tall man who lives at 145 Crum Creek Drive.. Not sure who to call, but they park on the street in front of everyone's house leaving behind a puddle of oil on the street every time. It's starting to eat holes in the street and it's annoying to step in it and track it in your car and house. It's a dark grey minivan. Will post license plate number when available.
  • 608 Fairview Road Woodlyn, PA 19081, USA - Woodlyn
    When turning left from MacDade Blvd. to Fairview, the light turns way too quickly. I am sick of sitting and sitting at the light.
  • Delaware Expressway Crum Lynne Pennsylvania - Woodlyn
    Some genius at Penn Dot seriously decided to change this interchange from 2 lanes down to 1.. from I95S to I476N. Now traffic from that failure known as the blue route (476) backs up all the way to the airport on 95S in a way that has never been seen before. Someone needs to be held personally responsible for this and it needs to be opened back up to 2 lanes all the way through.
    They even wrote a newspaper article about this.
    In addition, i476 should be 3 lanes all the way up as well.
  • Woodlyn PA 19094, USA - Woodlyn
    People are always dumping paint, tires, asst household items behind the Woodlyn Shopping center.
  • 513-567 Kelly Ave Woodlyn, PA 19094, USA - Woodlyn
    Too many stop signs popping up all over Ridley. No one stops anyway. People who live there constantly park directly under it. More police enforcement of speed limits not more stop signs
  • Tyler Avenue - Woodlyn
    This road is a major shortcut to Fairview. The cars speed like crazy...backing out of your driveway could be deadly. If you know Tyler at all it curves and is uphill from Morris Ave. You can not see what is coming from either direction, I have seen so many close calls I am sure sooner or later someone will get hurt.....SLOW DOWN!!!!!!