West Whiteland Township Public Works

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  • Ship Rd West Chester, PA 19380, USA - Exton
    Left turn signal needed at Ship Road and Route 30
  • Route 100 North At Main Street Shopping Center - Exton
    Westbound traffic exiting Rt 30 Bypass at Exton onto Rt 100 North cannot make right turn onto Rt 100 due to backup of cars at next light. Synchronize the two lights so that Rt 100 North traffic is not backed up through the intersection when the Rt 30 exit traffic gets green to merge onto Rt 100.
  • 157-199 Pennsylvania 100 Exton, PA 19341, USA - Exton
    Route 100 through the shopping corridor of exton is terrible. There is absolutly no traffic flow whatsoever! You get through one light only to immediatly stop at the next one to then accelerate all over again! think of the gas watsted everyday by every motorist who travels this path.
  • 201 Sunrise Blvd Exton, PA 19341, USA - Exton
    The ads on daily local.com are getting too obnoxious
  • 637-699 Waterloo Blvd Exton, PA 19341, USA - Exton
    "New" traffic light at Whitford and Waterloo causes traffic to back up on to Bus. 30, causing gridlock on 30. This did not happen when the intersection was controlled only by a stop sign for Waterloo. Lots of $$ spent for more traffic hazards!
  • Rt 30 Bypass At Rt. 100 - Exton
    traffic exiting route 30 bypass around 7:30am onto route 100 backs up onto the bypass on shoulder. VERY DANGEROUS
  • Bartlett Ave Exton, PA 19341, USA - Exton
    The light at Bartlett Ave turns red for Rt 100 travelers before the light at the West 30 bypass offramp tuns red so travelers going Rt 100 North block the intersection and travelers coming off Rt 30 West bypass cannot turn onto Rt 100. Since there is no turn on red, the off ramp becomes backed up during rush hour.
  • 301 S Pottstown Pike Exton, PA 19341, USA - Exton
    First, you sit forever on the RT 30 off ramp to turn right onto Rt 100. The second issue is once the light does turn green at the ramp, the light at Bartlett Ave and Rt 100 has already turned red. This cause a back up on Rt 100, making the cars on the Rt 30 ramp unable to make a right turn onto Rt 100. I have sat thru numerous lights to make that right turn.
  • State Highway 100 Exton, PA 19341, USA - Exton
    Motorists are consistently running the red light on Rt. 100 north at Walkertown Rd / Rt 30 East exit. They are traveling at a high rate of speed northbound on 100 and can't stop in time for the yellow / red light (or just don't care) and flagrantly run the red light, risking a dangerous accident. Police could easily stop this with regular patrols or observation of the intersection.
  • Whitford Road And Spackman Lane - Exton
    Passengers leaving westbound SETPA trains have to walk in the roadway to get to the parking lots on the other side of the tracks. The lights controlling the traffic are sometimes out of sync and too many drivers run the red lights and come dangerously close to the pedestrians walking in the tunnel. Someone is going to get hurt.
  • Route100 & Commerce Drive exton - Exton
    Pothole on commerce drive. Making a left from route 100 north. Going into Main Street Exton.
  • 101 E Swedesford Rd Exton, PA 19341, USA - Exton
    The green arrows to turn from 100 S onto Swedesford Road heading east is very short. There are consistently 4-6 cars that continue through the light after it has turned red because only about 8 cars can get through before it is changing.