West Whiteland Township Public Works

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  • 303 North Pottstown Pike Exton, Pennsylvania - Exton
    There is a big pothole on NB PA-100 in the turning lane for the right turn into the entrance of the Fairfield Place shopping center.
  • 205 New Street Exton, Pennsylvania - Exton
    there are 3 red tail hawks that try to attack my 13 lb dogs in my fenced in yard when i am with them.we lived here 20 years and never had this issue.now they can no longer play in our yard.i have to walk out with them leashed.only time they are safe is at night when the hawks do not hunt.if your dogs 20 lbs or less its not safe.
  • 222-298 North Pottstown Pike Exton, PA 19341, USA - Exton
    Nearly all of the street lights are out along route 30 and 100 causing dangerous conditions in Exton.
  • Pothole Open
    503 Lakeside Drive Exton, PA 19341, USA - Exton
  • 324-364 Pennsylvania 100 Exton, PA 19341, USA - Exton
    Tons of potholes southbound between ship road and business 30
  • Pothole Open
    200-298 Highway 100 Exton, Pennsylvania - Exton
    12-18" wide and 8-12" deep (into the rock bed)
  • Rt 30 Bypass East Bound Before Rt 100 Exit - Exton
    2 1/2 Ft across abot 4 to 6 inches deep. It is in the middle of the passing lane located in the same spot where the raod has been sinking for the past couple of months. A few weeks ago asphalt was put into the dip and turned it into a speed bump, so now all the traffic is pounding that section of the highway
  • 290 E Lincoln Hwy Exton, PA 19341, USA - Exton
    Exiting the Starbucks is dangerous because the shrubs on the left block the driver's view of oncoming traffic.
  • 437 N Whitford Rd Exton, PA - Exton
    What the heck did PenDot do to Whitford road. It took about 2 weeks to them to pour black top over the edges of the road. Is this their cheaper way of paving the road? It makes certain spots around the truns worse!
  • 293 Fox Run Exton, Pennsylvania - Exton
    I Need my car shoveled out. Red Dodge Stratus in parking lot to the right of my front door looking at the house.
  • Whitford Road Exton, PA, USA - Exton
    Many potholes on the bridge over creek
  • 300 North Ship Road Exton, Pennsylvania - Exton
    Need a left turn filter when turnning from Swedesford (coming from Rt100) onto Ship road towards Valley Hill.