West Whiteland Township Public Works

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  • 116-122 N Ship Rd Exton, PA 19341, USA - Exton
    The embankment on the south west side of the road approaching the bridge over Valley Creek has significant scour and is compromising the road surface. Increase tractor tailor usage of this bridge even thought the road is marked no trucks is not helping the road.the road surface.
  • Shoen Road - Exton
    The speed limit on Whitford Road at intersection of Shoen Road should remain 25 mph and be enforced. People do not travel at the posted 25 mph which results in the rest of us trying to turn left onto Whitford to wait up to 20 minutes in order to make the turn. SLOW DOWN! You are not the only motorist trying to get to work in the morning!
  • Lincoln Hwy Exton, PA 19341, USA and route 100 intersection - Exton
    There is a very large hole/sewer grate in the middle of intersection. there will be an accident from it. it will either be someone swerving around or suddenly stopping to avoid it
  • 153 E Swedesford Rd Fairfield Plaza, Exton, PA 19341, USA - Exton
    Traffic exiting mall has to wait tooo long for green to go across to Giant. Often, there is no traffic coming on Swedesfore Rd. and still a person has to sit and wait forever.
  • 101-179 Exton Square Mall Exton, PA 19341, USA - Exton
    Just past Joe Burns Beverage where Route 30 merges into a single lane and the sign at the red light indicates "no left turns" vehicles are turning into the shopping area that includes Rino's and UPS and several other stores that are situated on the North side of Lincoln Hwy (when heading East). This causes a sudden braking and will soon result in an accident.
  • Car Vandels Archived
    New St. Exton, PA - Exton
    car broken into on new street west whiteland twp late night or early morning.
  • Ship Road & Old Valley Hill Exton, PA - Exton
    Pothole is about 12 inches in diameter and about 4 inches deep.
    It is in the meddle of the road.
  • Rt 100 Exit Off 30 Bypass Exton, Pennsylvania - Exton
    I guess it is going to take someone getting killed on the Bypass...before someone figures out a better timing of light to get on Rt 100 from the 30 Bypass
  • Exton PA, USA - Exton
    Motorists shortening their route from Rt 100 to Rt 30 utilize Shoen Rd to Fairview to Huffman Dr. feel that they need to make up even more time by speeding excessively. Ridiculous!! I have a beautiful family and wonderful neighbors that I vow to protect. If it takes me placing slow signs in my front yard or standing in the middle of the road to slow them down or to point out to them that they've failed to stop at a clearly posted stop sign, I will! Sadly, when reporting such issues to the local PD they (or certain Officer) responds with "Speed is ones perception". Not the right answer for this concerned citizen!
  • Pot hole Archived
    1251 Ship Rd West Chester, Pennsylvania - Exton
    Pot hole under the train track underpass. It was repaired, but has reappeared and needs to be filled again.
  • Sb Rt 100 @ Sunrise Blvd West Whiteland Twp - Exton
    SB Rt 100 @ Sunrise Blvd - Right Lane. Entire road surface is cumbling
  • Exton Crossing Madison Apts Exton, Pennsylvania - Exton
    the parking lot across from club house at exton crossing Madison apts has a lot of drinking fighting drug use ect.located in back of our home we see and hear this every weekend at night.smelled pot coming into our yard.police need to patrol this area nights holidays and weekends.