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My neighbor lives at 1018 So. Broad St., Apt. 1R, Trenton, NJ. He hasn't stayed in his apt. for over a month now but leaves his 1 year old scottish terrier there. I have a key and will make sure he has water and food, which I have to buy. His name is James Parkman, he comes around to walk the dog sometimes everyday and sometimes every other day. I've called the SPCA, they have been out to the apartment and say it's a border line situation and fined him for not having him registered. The land

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  • PERRY STREET Archived
    549 Perry St Trenton, NJ 08609, USA - Ewing And Carroll
  • Pennington Avenue & Prospect Street - Pennington-Prospect
    I am all for helping organizations raise money. The problem that I have is that its every weekend it seems and they stand in the street for hours begging for money, the adults are on the sidelines sitting down, there are no banners, no information, no drums, etc. Who's to say that they are even using our hard earned money appropriately. What happened to car washes and things like that? It has to be a better way to raise money that won't hold up traffic or put a child's life in danger. God forbid that a crazy driver comes and mows them down for whatever reason. Things like that are not exempt from happening.
  • 995 S Broad St Trenton Nj 08611 - Chambersburg
    Trenton has the worst streets I have traveled on. To be the capital it is horrible to drive down one of Trenton streets. Pot holes etc. If you have a decent car FORGET about it.SO SAD. Please get our tax dollars to work on the streets of Trenton!!!!!
  • bumpy road Archived
    309 Market St Trenton, NJ 08611, USA - Mill Hill
    this street is full of pot holes and its very bumpy its going to tear peoples tires
  • 99 Mechanics Ave Trenton, NJ 08638, USA - East Trenton
    I reported this before to animal police but nothing was done. The dog is on chain and lies on old mattress from winter to summer all day long. He looks skinner and skinner every day and no one cares about that dog.
  • 932 Adeline St Trenton, NJ 08610, USA - Franklin Park
    Landlord just wants rent money, Does not repair anything with the home like roof leaks and failing ceilings. Basement leaks and mold and mildew. Water leaks from front porch into basement onto Power Circuit Breaker Control box. Mold behinde wood panels in living room. Smells disgusting.When i made these complaint to the landlord they told me to spray fabreeze!! And they went and filed for me to be evicted!!!. They are very rude and ignorant people.
  • 807 S Broad St Trenton, NJ 08611, USA - Chambersburg
    S.Broad street is one huge riddled road, when is the city going to fix this delapitaed street?! Seriously! From the Dade Building to the Whitehorse Circle your car's alignment goes crazy, your tires rims are dented, and you hold your breath trying to avoid hitting a pothole and getting too close to the car in the other lane....HELP!!!
  • 305 Virginia Ave Trenton, NJ 08610, USA - Franklin Park
    All I see is PA and MD plates all over! They are taking over my street! When I 1st moved in here the 300 block of Virginia Ave had plenty of off-street parking! Now it is full of the out of state vehicles! And they are not here only for the weekend, they are here for weeks and months! Someone has to do something about this nonsense!
  • 101 S Broad St - Downtown
    Every morning an employee of Dept of Community Affairs feeds peanuts to the squirrels and now there are rats too!!
  • Potholes Archived
    South Broad St. And Beatty St. Trenton, NJ - Chambersburg
    Multiple potholes in middle of the intersection
  • 215 Perry St Trenton, NJ 08618, USA - Battle Monument
    I like everyone else pay taxes... and this problem is horrible trying to dodge and ditch potholes everyday. This needs fixed like yesterday!!! This is one of the worse streets to drive down in Trenton!!
  • South Hermitage Ave Trenton, NJ - Downtown