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My neighbor lives at 1018 So. Broad St., Apt. 1R, Trenton, NJ. He hasn't stayed in his apt. for over a month now but leaves his 1 year old scottish terrier there. I have a key and will make sure he has water and food, which I have to buy. His name is James Parkman, he comes around to walk the dog sometimes everyday and sometimes every other day. I've called the SPCA, they have been out to the apartment and say it's a border line situation and fined him for not having him registered. The land


  • South Olden Ave Trenton, NJ - Trenton
    Heavy drug activity on this street especially one car in particular. A white two door Nissan Altima, is there between 10-11 am and again in the evening between 7-830 pm. Heroin is being sold and it needs to stop. The man selling goes by the name Q. That same car is seen around Hetzel field and leaves Trenton over the free bridge into Morrisville, PA. Please look into this issue before it gets worse.
  • 401-499 Market Street Trenton, New Jersey - Mill Hill
    Walk signal buttons on either side of Market St. and Jackson do not function.
  • 2 Jersey St Trenton, NJ 08611, USA - Chestnut Park
    Looks like a minefield!
    Home Avenue between Jersey and Hancock
  • 41 Maple Ave Trenton, NJ 08618, USA - Cadwalader And Hillcrest
    House is falling apart, gutters are dumping water and destroying neighbors driveway, front porch is dangerous, debris abandoned everywhere, overgrown yard.
  • Delaware And Raritan Canal State Park Trail Trenton, NJ 08618, USA - Stuyvesant-Prospect
    The Potholes under this bridge are horrible and should be fixed
  • 209-230 Jackson Street Trenton, New Jersey - Mill Hill
    There are many potholes on the 200 block of Jackson St.
  • 110 Steamboat St Trenton, NJ - South Trenton
    The wall on the front steps is leaning and ready to fall.
  • 323 Elmer Street Trenton, NJ - Chambersburg
    Every night between 11pm and 3am the tenants in the upstairs apartment has suspicious transactions going on in the hallway. I have told my landlord and nothing's been done. Also their constantly fighting and the police have been called a few times and it still continues. When will the police actually put a stop to the problem. The dealer uses a silver bicycle to transport the drugs, They remove one drug pusher and another takes his place.
  • 827 S. Warren St South Trenton Trenton, NJ, USA - South Trenton
    There is a large pothole
  • 709 Chambers St Trenton, NJ - Chambersburg
    tv dumped
  • 601-699 Emory Ave Trenton, NJ 08611, USA - Chambersburg
    emory between chestnut to chambers street is in need of repair. you cannot drive down that street without hitting some form of pothole or desperately needing repairs on your car soon after.
  • 114 Steamboat St South Trenton Trenton, NJ, USA - South Trenton
    There is a large pot hole/loose street bricks