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My neighbor lives at 1018 So. Broad St., Apt. 1R, Trenton, NJ. He hasn't stayed in his apt. for over a month now but leaves his 1 year old scottish terrier there. I have a key and will make sure he has water and food, which I have to buy. His name is James Parkman, he comes around to walk the dog sometimes everyday and sometimes every other day. I've called the SPCA, they have been out to the apartment and say it's a border line situation and fined him for not having him registered. The land


  • Lee Ave & Route 29 South Trenton, NJ - Berkeley Square And Parkside
    This light is at the highway intersection and there is clearly a large NO TURN ON RED SIGN posted at the light. Drivers will blow the horn at you, curse at you, & even go around you to turn.
    There s/b police posted there or a camera that sends out tickets b/c it's very dangerous!
  • Drugs Open
    412 Grand St Trenton, NJ - Chambersburg
    drug dealing on that corner.
  • 17-25 Bismarck Avenue Trenton, NJ - Villa Park
    late night parties,lot of noise,fighting,
  • W Hanover St Trenton, NJ - Downtown
    State workers are parking on West hanover st so they dont have to pay the fees in the state parking lots leaving the ppl in the neighborhood no where to park.
  • Newell Ave & Riverside Dr Trenton, NJ - The Island
    All over the Island are mountains of fallen leaves. The City of Trenton supposedly scheduled leaf pick-ups but currently no pick-ups have been made. The City will fine you if you get caught dumping them into the Delaware, & they won't take them with the trash, so what are residents supposed to do with them? They have always been good about this sort of thing in the past, so can we please get some leaf relief?
  • Oak Street Trenton, NJ - East Trenton
    Drugs dealers coming in our neighborhood selling their drugs. I own my house and I'm tired....
  • Prospect And Belleve Trenton, NJ - Stuyvesant-Prospect
    The traffic signals at this intersection are out, some green, some red and some yellow. When is the city going to fix this, after someone gets hurt.
  • S Warren St Trenton, NJ - Downtown
    Traffic coming off the bridge at Ferry St and S. Warren St will not Yield to pedestrians.
  • 306 Union St Trenton, NJ - Downtown
    Traffic coming onto Ferry St West do not stop at the Stop Sign across from Union St.
  • 105 Newell Ave Trenton, NJ - The Island
    Person is operating a landscaping business out of a residential home. This is a dead end street with parking on one side only and often the street is blocked by large trucks, trailers, backhoes & other large equipment owned by this person. Residents often cannot get onto the street or in their own driveways.
  • Klockner And Back Creek Rd Trenton, NJ - Greenwood And Hamilton
    The light at the Home Depot entrance in Hamilton (Klockner and Back Creek Rd.) is out of sync. The left turn arrow into the storage business turns green even though there are no cars turning in there or Home Depot.
  • Ohio Avenue Trenton, NJ - Villa Park
    Customers park on the wrong side of the road, double park, illegally K-turn which has caused damage to several neighborhood vehicles and much more!