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My neighbor lives at 1018 So. Broad St., Apt. 1R, Trenton, NJ. He hasn't stayed in his apt. for over a month now but leaves his 1 year old scottish terrier there. I have a key and will make sure he has water and food, which I have to buy. His name is James Parkman, he comes around to walk the dog sometimes everyday and sometimes every other day. I've called the SPCA, they have been out to the apartment and say it's a border line situation and fined him for not having him registered. The land


  • Rusling St Trenton, NJ 08611, USA - Chambersburg
    A mid-sized passenger transport bus owned by a resident, along with several other commercial vans with equipment are clogging the parking. Most nights you'll find 3-4 of these vehicles taking spots in front of other peoples homes. Totally disrespectful, and rude. Something needs to be done!
  • 162 Liberty St Trenton, NJ - Chestnut Park
    Bad Drivers from going the wrong way on Liberty Street to Big Trucks and tow trucks speeding down the street at all hours of the day & night. Just a matter of time until someone gets killed.
  • Us1 And New York Ave Ewing, New Jersey - North Trenton
    Ramp needs to be repaved
  • Virginia Trenton, NJ - Franklin Park
    Pothole came- lousy patch job!
  • 1-9 Gill Alley Trenton, NJ 08608, USA - Ewing And Carroll
    This truck has been in this alley way for almost a month. The suppossed to be working on 8 carroll st but you never see anybody working just squatters and prostitutes hanging around. With the Federal Courthouse across the street you would think that one of these Federal Marshals would have noticed that this truck never moved, because it still has all the same trash inside it. They already stole all the copper out of it now their just squatting inside the building.
  • Martin Luther King Blvd Trenton, NJ - North Trenton
    after 1240 noon it was 6 gun shots
    nobody knows where it come from