Alexandria Old Town

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Old Town Alexandria

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  • 1021-1099 First St Alexandria, VA - Northeast
    The pedestrian crossing from 1st street over route one is NOT long enough for someone to cross the street and the light turns green immediately. Its VERY dangerous for pedestrians b/c you can't see the cars going north on route one over first street. Please extend the pedestrian crossing time by about 30-45 seconds.
  • All Roads Alexandria, City, Virginia - Old Town
    What ever happened to pass left stay right ? or right on red only when no traffic is coming from your left on either lane ? . Blocking Cars blocking intersections. People are flaunting the law because they know no officer will pull them over . Why is this acceptable ?
  • Eyesore Acknowledged
    1001 Pendleton St Alexandria, VA 22314, USA - Braddock Road Metro
    Pendleton street between Patrick and Henry is an overgrown, trash-strewn eyesore that needs attention!
  • 508 North Royal Street Alexandria, Virginia - Old Town
    The bricks around the edge of the tree well are loose and need to be repaired
  • 408 Pendleton Street Alexandria, Virginia - Old Town
    The sidewalk bricks that border this utility box recessed in the sidewalk are caving in/sinking.
  • 1310 King St Alexandria, VA - Old Town
    The city installed hundreds of flags that say Old Town. Most of them were destroyed and damaged. The city says all of them were removed because they could not afford the upkeep, but that's not true. The tattered and torn flags (and the damaged little flag poles) continue to flutter forlorn from 1300-1500 King Street. It's been this way for years and there's been no effort from the city to bring them down (or repair them).
  • 100 Block South Pitt Street Alexandria, VA - Old Town
    The street light next to the driveway for the Courthouse parking lot is out. Makes it difficult to exit the parking lot after dark (very dangerous for pedestrians using the sidewalk)
  • 1000-1098 State Highway 7 Alexandria, VA 22314, USA - Old Town
    There are constant problems here with cars going eastbound or westbound, not being aware that they are in a left turn lane, and then trying to get back into the flow of traffic on King Street.
  • Diagonal Road Alexandria, VA - King St Metro
    At the top of the King Street metro parking lot (where a pedestrian died last month) both street lights at the exit to Diagonal Road are out. And have been for weeks. It makes walking on the uneven brick sidewalk dangerous. One light is in the parking lot, one is on Diagonal Road, directly across from the Old Town Transit Shop. I don't know if this is a city or a metro issue, but it's dark, and I'd like some light there.
  • Pothole Archived
    Jefferson St Alexandria, VA - Southwest Wuadrant
    A pothole that is getting larger and deeper.
  • Eyesore Archived
    1008 Pendleton St Alexandria, VA 22314, USA - Braddock Road Metro
    Has not been cut this overgrown trash-strewn eyesore
  • 521 North Pitt Street Alexandria, Virginia - Old Town
    The bricks on the edge of the tree well are giving way, wobbling, and could be harmful if someone were to step on them. A twisted or broken ankle could be the result of someone walking on these bricks.