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Ken Zubeck, Tom Michniewicz, Chris Sarvanidis, Rebeca Michko, Shawn Turpin

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  • Center Street Whiting, IN 46394, United States of America - Whiting
    1727-1729 Center st
  • 1224-1226 W Fred St Whiting, IN 46394, USA - Whiting
    Black Chrysler 300 with Texas plates for 6 months, and now Illinois plates? There was a prior report "3" months ago with the same car and Illinois plates, but yet somehow that same car lives across the street from me and had Texas plates at the same time. I reported it a few times, and it was finally giving a Jan. 31st deadline. Then ironically it was parked again in front of their house will Illinois plates. Point being this vehicle has no Indiana state issued plates, and two others. This car is getting passed around and it's absolutely BS. If any of these people are law abiding city citizens, none of these games would be happening.
  • 1218-1220 W Fred St Whiting, IN 46394, USA - Whiting
  • 1223 W Fred St Whiting, IN 46394, USA - Whiting
    This should be a familiar vehicle for you. How ironic is it that this car, has Illinois plates now and not Texas? For more then half a year they lied to the police stating they were just here for a sick relative. Which in fact they are a resident. Then after being reported, and more then one warning violation and being told that they needed Indiana plates by Jan. 31st; the car is gone for less then a week, and now it's back with "beat up Illinois" plates. In saying that, it is still the original owners driving this car. I wonder what story they're going to give you now? This is absolutely mind blowing. I will be providing a better picture of the plate information.
  • 1446 Fischrupp Ave Whiting, IN 46394, USA - Whiting
    Driving past this everyday to & from my home. Makes me wonder. What's aloud here? Is this property zoned or permit approved for auto sales? What are the permit laws for the number of vehicles that can be stored on a single property? It stores vehicles in the street for months at a time ! why does Whiting allow such and eye sore, from a city that prides it's self for change. improvment. setting standards. It litterly looks to passerbys like a junk yard. wow I would love to live here! This business owner has a brand new lot for their towing business a half mile down the street in Hammond where they can perform auto sales. auto storage. & double as a junk yard. This place is in our backyard people. One of the biggest eye sores in Whiting. business is good. very good. There is money flowing to expand and Improve else where. oh don't forget the city of Whiting takes all of their city owned vehicles here! Let's see some public response for this please! Does this place bother the mayor? probably not. because he doesn't have to look at it everyday! make not today there is 15 vehicles on this property. it also blocks vison to on coming traffic on Indianapolis.
  • 1913 Clark St Whiting, IN 46394, USA - Whiting
    Somewhere around 5 cars consistently park here with out of state plates. Mostly Illinois. Most of them have been parking here over 2 months.
  • 1527 Steiber Street Whiting, Indiana - Whiting
    These two cars has been parked in alley has Illinois plates has lived here for more then 60 days. Indiana law is must transfer plates to new address within 60 days. Has been pass that. What's the point of laws if it's not abide by it. Always parks in ally. Too many Illinois plates not being transfered within 60 days yet still lives in Indiana.
  • 1844 Oliver Street Whiting, Indiana - Whiting
    White GMC van still on Oliver. Has been reported Numerous times. Supposedly a vendor. How can you 'vend' anything when it sits 24/7.
  • 1727 Center Street - Whiting
    huge tent used to cover illegally parked vehicle has now fallen apart and blowing away in the wind
  • 1413 119th Street Whiting, Indiana - Whiting
    Really annoying that on any nice weekend i cannot have my Windows open because bulldog insists on having a stage outside and blares live music..
    Can't we get just ONE weekend where no dang music is blaring???
    Isn't there a noise ordinance???
  • Truck Archived
    1727 Center Street Whiting, Indiana - Whiting
    Abandoned expired plates
  • Schrage And Indianapolis Boulevard Whiting, Indiana - Whiting
    Proper visible lane markings or fluorescent/reflectors need to be put in. Numerous times while heading in either direction and being in either lane I have had to either swerve/brake suddenly/all out avoid traffic from the opposite direction because they are completely over the yellow ( more non existent) lane markings.
    Why did they even put in the right turn lane ?? Drivers still use the forward lane to turn or completely fade into the traffic that's continuing forward.
    Please can reflectors or reflective dashes be put in....??
    Can the curb by biziks that juts out be trimmed back a little to make the turn lane more driver friendly???
    Pleas look into these issues... Thank you for your time