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  • Hunter Drive West Hartford, CT 06107, USA - West Hartford
    Because there are so many potholes and rough surfaces on Hunter Drive, cars tend to avoid them by staying in the middle. With all of the curves and hills, this leads to "close calls" on a daily basis. We all swerve to avoid a pot hole, then to avoid an oncoming car. It has been at least 12 years since Hunter Dr. was repaved (when I moved in). Isn't it time?
  • 33-59 Elmfield St West Hartford, CT 06110, USA - West Hartford
    Speeding on Elmfield has long been a problem -- it is straight, flat, has only one stop sign, and begs for people to fly. Since the Stop and Shop opened, though, the number (and speed) of cars has increased drastically, as has the number of cars blatantly running the stop sign at Westgate and Elmfield. We need one or more of the following: more stop signs, speed tables, radar signs, speed traps.
  • 383-489 N Main St West Hartford, CT 06117, USA - West Hartford
    Vehicles leaving any of the parking lots at Bishop's corner are taking a left out of the lots.
    This creates a danger for traffic already on N main and Albany.
    Vehicles are crossing four lanes of traffic. Sometimes vehicles will stop on N Main to let them in but oncoming traffic doesn't know and it can cause an accident. It should be right turns only out of lots and to take a left vehicles should use traffic light
  • Wells Rd. West Hartford, CT - West Hartford
    Wells Rd. needs to be repaved, and storm drains need to be reconfigured. The street is full of potholes, and is basically crumbling along the edges. The storm drains back up when there is any significant rain.
  • 414 South Main St West Hartford, CT - West Hartford
    The no turn on red sign placed on the corner of the 84 east bound exit needs some sort of reflective tape on it's border so drivers actually notice it nd do not make the dangerous right turn on red here.
  • Elmfield St West Hartford, Connecticut - West Hartford
    There is some very rough road with dips and drops potholes on Elmfield St between Grove St to Westgate St. The road is so uneven and bumpy, it does damage to your car. It's been dug up and then filled back in with inferior work. No one has done anything to repair it at all. I just can't understand why it's left this way.
  • 222-296 Somerset Street West Hartford, CT 06110, USA - West Hartford
    Deep sink hole in middle of road.
  • Infront Of Kingswood Oxford Academy (Trout Brook Drive) West Hartford, CT - West Hartford
    When driving on Trout Brook Drive from the I84 exit (43)to The Children's Museum, there is a VERY DANGEROUS POT HOLE in the right lane (in front of Kingswood Oxford Academy). It is on the same side of the street as Kingswood Oxford Academy. This pothole needs to be fixed ASAP before someone gets in a bad accident. Please!
  • 1052 New Britain Avenue West Hartford, CT - West Hartford
    There's a big hole in the street.
  • Tunxis Rd West Hartford, Connecticut - West Hartford
    The speed limit on Tunxis Road between Ridgewood and Sedgwick is 25 mph. Drivers zoom up and down Tunxis at speeds that are likely double the speed limit. There are many families on this street, as well as countless children walking to and from Duffy School and Sedgwick Middle School every week day. We need an increased police presence, as well as a monitoring device so we can track the average speed over time. Once we have that data, we then need to decide how to best address this issue - including better signage and traffic-calming measures.
  • Farmington Avenue West Hartford, CT 06119 - West Hartford
    While the most of Farmington Avenue in W. Hartford is freshly paved and contains beautiful medians---the area between Trout Brook and N. Quaker is a disaster.
    It reflects poorly on the town and drags down the adjacent neighborhoods. Please repave and add medians like the rest of Farmington Avenue in W. Hartford!
  • New Britain Ave West Hartford, CT - West Hartford
    Filled with pot holes. They are fixing the sidewalks but are neglecting the street. My car has suffered damage. Who do I contact to get it fixed since it was damaged by the road?