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  • 1830 Asylum Ave West Hartford, CT 06117 - West Hartford
    a couple street lights are out in this few block radius on Asylum.
  • Infront Of Kingswood Oxford Academy (Trout Brook Drive) West Hartford, CT - West Hartford
    When driving on Trout Brook Drive from the I84 exit (43)to The Children's Museum, there is a VERY DANGEROUS POT HOLE in the right lane (in front of Kingswood Oxford Academy). It is on the same side of the street as Kingswood Oxford Academy. This pothole needs to be fixed ASAP before someone gets in a bad accident. Please!
  • 25 Burr Street West Hartford, CT - West Hartford
    Really should enforce a parking ban... on Burr Street with neither side fully plowed, people are parking... much over the 2 hour limit (because it is never enforced), in fact illegally overnight!...People and visitors, such as restaurant and movie goers and BBS employees, are really just too cheap/lazy to park in the lots/garages, and use the street as a dumping ground... I could barely get out/in of a driveway...I saw cars and trucks nearly sideswipe parked cars and each other trying to navigate the street.... Much too dangerous to allow parking... and it is not needed!
  • 1115 New Britain Ave West Hartford, CT 06110 - West Hartford
    Traffic Lights at intersection of So. Quaker Lane and New Britain Avenue switch to flashing only at 10:00 PM. Way too early for such a wide, major State Highway, intersection with obstructed views.
  • 160 Newington Road West Hartford, CT - West Hartford
    Filled with pot holes since LAST winter and management has done nothing about it. Vehicles are being damaged because of this.
  • 81 Longlane West Hartford, CT - West Hartford
    Shrubs on the corner of Longlane and Hartwell Road are overgrown and block driver's line of vision when attempting to turn on to Hartwell.
  • Farmington Ave. West Hartford CT 06107 - West Hartford
    Farmington Ave. between Trout Brook and Whiting Lane has no white lines on the side of the road. Many people pass on the right or think there is a right and left lane. The city needs to paint a solid white line to shows its only one lane. If police watched from a side street in 5 minutes they would see many cars passing on the right or driving along the curb thinking it is the right lane.
  • 95 Maplewood Ave West Hartford, CT 06119 - West Hartford
    cars speed down maplewood all day long. most use it as a quick shortcut between quaker and boulavard.. there is a nursery school towards the end of the street.. maybe a speed bump would help!
  • Hall Street West Hartford, CT - West Hartford
    Cars are going too fast on Hall St, Elmfield and Sampson. They are used as cut throughs from Newington Rd to South Main st. Need more police presence or more stop signs. Many people walk their dogs and kids and this area. Not safe.
  • 160 Newington Road - West Hartford
    Pot holes all over the driveway and parking areas that are ruining cars.
  • 799 915 Trout Brook Dr West Hartford, CT - West Hartford
    There are several low-hanging branches on path between Memorial Road and Boulevard. They are at perfect height for cyclists to get smacked in the face.
  • 173 Fern St West Hartford, CT 06119 - West Hartford
    Dozens of drivers illegally use of cellphones, especially during morning and evening rush hours. Cellphone use by drivers is both illegal in CT and highly dangerous - as dangerous as driving drunk according to studies. See crash of helicopter and plane over the Hudson River and crash of train in California for example. The corner of Fern St. and North Beacon St. in Hartford, 06105 and corner of Fern St. and Prospect Ave. on the town line of Hartford and West Hartford are prime locations for observing illegal cellphone use during rush hours. Police activity at those two locations by West Hartford police and Hartford police would greatly reduce the dangerous and illegal activity.