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Watching issues created after: 2009-05-06

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  • 1529-1559 Asylum Avenue Hartford, CT 06105, USA - West Hartford
    Falling tree at Elizabeth park pond north side
  • 54-198 Riggs Ave West Hartford, CT 06107, USA - West Hartford
    My driveway apron (and my neighbors') are deteriorated so significantly, that my car bottoms out if I am not careful entering and exiting my driveway. This issue is attached to a more significant issue that is also reported (the asphalt/paving condition of Riggs Avenue between Boulevard and Sedgwick) is considerably worse than most of West Hartford's roads.
  • 91 Mayflower Street West Hartford, Connecticut - West Hartford
    To the right of the driveway of 91 Mayflower Street the street light is out. Concerned about a school being across the street, many evening activities and activities where one cannot see cars pulling out of the school driveway. Students will soon be waiting for their school bus in the pitch darkness. Dangerous intersection with Mayflower and Vine Hill in darkness. The speed indicator recently installed on the same pole has not worked either. Thank you.
  • Intersection Of Wampanoag And North Main Street West Hartford, CT 06117, USA - West Hartford
    Cars passing on right in Northbound traffic - recent accident sent cars off the road into ditch. This is a school zone. Traffic lights should be put here to assist with school traffic back ups -
  • 2-98 Sycamore Ln Hartford, CT 06105, USA - West Hartford
    Aggressive and dangerous speeding on Prospect Avenue
    Heavy Police Presence Requested!
  • 851 Prospect Avenue Hartford, CT 06105, USA - West Hartford
    Light out
  • 139-189 Somerset St West Hartford, CT 06110, USA - West Hartford
    pot hole near man hole. Already filled bit bot enough
  • 1561 Asylum Avenue West Hartford, CT 06117, USA - West Hartford
    All Lights out in parking lot
  • Big Sinkhole Archived
    300-340 Somerset St West Hartford, CT 06110, USA - West Hartford
    Big sinkhole, gets asphault poured in it and then it resinks again. Needs a permanent fix
  • Concord St. West Hartford, CT - West Hartford
    Letting everyone know about something that happened Saturday on Concord Street. My girls and a friend were riding their bikes between my house and a neighbors house when a guy in car drove really slowly by the girls all the while staring at them. He turned around twice going by them three times really slowly and close. He then pulled over, put the car in park and was about to get out when the girls ran home.
    Description of Car:
    Medium gray
    Wagon like a Volvo but more rounded in the back
    Two doors
    Loud like needed muffler
    CT plates
    Description of Creep:
    Crew cut or shaved grey hair
    Tattoo on left arm - maybe a snake
    Had something in his mouth maybe chewing tobacco
    The police came and got a full description and will step up monitoring of the area.
  • New Park Ave And Flatbush Ave West Hartford, CT - West Hartford
    All the sidewalks on Flatbush Ave and New Park Ave have not been shoveled forcing people to walk in the streets which is highly dangerous. There are also bus stops along the streets and people cannot get to them as well as myself. Not taking my two babies into the street. This needs to be taken care of immediately before someone gets hurt or worse,
  • 1 South St West Hartford, Connecticut - West Hartford
    Snow piled up on sidwalk causing people going to area workshop (CW) and classes to have to walk in street. Not safe